Linh Ngoc Dam was “crazy” when the Buddha gave Balenciaga “pink lotus petals”

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Linh Ngoc Dam is a name that is no longer strange to the online community. Not only is she a famous, beautiful, and rich streamer, but she also makes many people jealous by her happy and romantic love story with her boyfriend nicknamed : Buddha. Linh has also shared that her boyfriend is very delicate, caring and especially has always been by her side to encourage and comfort her in the most difficult times. Not only that, but he also constantly gave her expensive gifts.

Recently, the Buddha “cooperated” with streamer Quang Cuon to shoot a clip giving gifts to Linh Ngoc Dam. At first, the guy Quang Cuon said that he bought these shoes to give to his lover and asked Linh to comment on the gift. After seeing the shoes female streamer was not shy to say that its color is “the ugliest in the solar system”.


But life is not like a dream, just a few minutes later she suffered a news like “lightning across the ear” that is the lotus-pink shoes that the Buddha bought for Linh. After a few seconds of standing still, she could only continuously shout the question “Why?” helplessly, can’t believe how many colors my boyfriend can choose the color he hates the most.

A series of funny expressions of female streamer

Not stopping there, when she heard the price of the shoe, she “collapsed” completely. The Buddha bought Linh the “worst shoes in the solar system” for 16 bulbs.

Linh Ngoc Dam “stopped” when she heard the price of the shoes

Thought that there would be no more shocking news, but the boyfriend still has one last “fatal” lock for the female streamer. The Buddha bought Linh’s shoes with her money. Surprised not to believe her ears, she hurriedly picked up the phone to check and discovered that her account had been deducted 16 million from any time.

However, in the end, Linh Ngoc Dam still returned to the room and tried on the “gifted” shoes with the reason that “lost money to go to hate”.


Throughout the clip, viewers can see the cuteness and humor accompanied by her domineering comments and difficult expressions. Despite constantly criticizing the color of the shoes, we can completely feel that Linh Ngoc Dam is still very happy to receive a gift that is not very beautiful from her boyfriend.

Up to this point, Linh and Buddha are still a couple that receive a lot of love and admiration from everyone. Netizens are always looking forward to them having a happy ending and soon “coming back to the same house”.

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