The hottest rumors regarding the future of the DC cinematic universe (P.2)

5. Will John Stewart be introduced in Green Lantern Corps?

Since announcing the expansion of the DC cinematic universe, fans have been curious about whether Warner will remake the movie that failed in 2011 – Green Lantern? After a long time, Warner finally gave an official answer to this, they not only brought Green Lantern Hal Jordan back to the screen, but also brought John Stewart, a Green Lantern and superhero. The first black hero to appear in DC Comics posted. This character is likely to be played by actor Idris Elba, who has appeared in the series Thor and Pacific Rim role play.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

6. Actor Channing Tatum will join the DC cinematic universe?

Because in recent years, the superhero movie line has grown extremely strongly, earning admirable box office revenue, so many stars have a desire to join the DC or Marvel cinematic universe. That includes actor Channing Tatum, who recently appeared in the movie KingsmanI will soon join the army X-men and play the MCU’s mutant Gambit. However, it is also revealed that he will also be joining the DC cinematic universe. With his strong appearance and acting ability, will he transform into Hal Jordan in the new movie Green Lantern Corps?


7. Will Uxas/Darkseid be the main villain in Justice League 2?

Although in the movie Justice League He only mentioned the name Darkseid once, but in the world of DC Comic, he is considered the most powerful villain, making superheroes respect. According to some information, Darkseid may become the main villain in the blockbuster Justice League 2. However, the Marvel side had to go through many years with many movies as leverage to launch the “final boss” Thanos. So, if the current DC has rushed to launch the evil Darkseid, is it too early than expected? It is also possible that the company wants to go in a different direction, to let the villains gradually come out on the field, and in the end, gather together to fight with the Justice League alliance.


8. Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Batgirl will appear in Batman new version?

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Dick Grayson is the original Robin. Although he later used the Nightwing identity in the comics, Grayson is the version most commonly depicted in other media. He is one of the most classic characters in the Batman comics, however, so far he has never appeared in the movie version. The character Batgirl – Barbara Gordon is the same. So far, Warner seems to have discovered the potential of these two characters, so they are expected to produce a separate movie about Dick Grayson and Batgirl. The film about Dick Grayson will be directed by the film The Lego Batman Movie – Chris McKay directs the production. And the movie Batgirl will be directed by Joss Whedon – who used to be a blockbuster director Avengers 2 of the house Marvel be a director.


9. In a solo movie about Aquaman Will there be up to 3 villains?

In the movie Justice League, the character Aquaman played by actor Jason Momoa won a lot of love from the audience. Currently, DC has officially closed the movie about this superhero. Warner hopes too Aquaman will save J .’s defeatustice League before. Recently, it was reported that in a separate movie about Aquaman will appear up to 3 villains. This makes fans feel nervous, because superhero movies against so many common villains will end up in failure. However, recently director James Wan has come out to correct this rumor, saying that the film will not appear so many villains. In fact, in the original Aquaman, besides Black Manta and Ocean Master, there are no more evil people.

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