Summary of shortcut to play game Ngao Kiem Vo Song

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Ngao Kiem Vo Song is an attractive swordplay role-playing game, with beautiful graphics, massive sect system and many attractive features that bring an extremely interesting experience for players.

Like games League of Legends, Audition, Zing Speed, Ngao Kiem Vo Song also has many shortcuts to help players move faster, approach the target much more convenient. In particular, it is also easy to create custom keyboard shortcuts for easier remembering. Please follow the article below to know how to set it up:

Step 1: Press ESC to enter the shortcut settings interface. Then, select the item Shortcut settings to open the shortcut settings interface.

Shortcut to Ngao Sword Vo Song

Step 2: At interface Shortcut settingsYou can install the same keyboard shortcuts as WoW games, Chinh Thief, Sword World, Thien Long Bat Bo. Ideally you should tick Shortcut Keys to Ngao Sword. Here, you can enjoy setting up shortcuts as you like.

Shortcut settings

The shortcuts often used in the game Ngao Kiem Vo Song

Feature shortcut

  • F1 (C): Interface character properties.
  • F2 (B): Luggage interface.
  • F3 (V): Martial arts interface.
  • F4 (Q): Mission interface.
  • F5 (F): Friendly interface.
  • F6 (O): Family interface.
  • F7 (G): Guild interface.
  • F8 (J): Interface life skills.
  • F9 (W): Trading Center.
  • F10 (R): Auction interface.
  • I (E): Mail interface.
  • P: Team interface.
  • Tab (M): World map.
  • Ctrl + G: Tran Bao The.
  • Ctrl + C: Charts.
  • J (I): Benefits interface.
  • Y: Achievement interface.
  • H: Event calendar.

Action shortcut

  • Space: Pick up quickly.
  • MT): Get on or off the horse.
  • V (D): Meditate or stand.
  • K: For sale.
  • N: Cavalry.
  • F (Z): Auto combat.
  • Ctrl + Z (Ctrl + F): Automatically eat pharmacy.
  • Ctrl + H: Change form of PK.
  • Shift + left mouse button: Item separation.
  • [: Hiện hoặc ẩn thanh HP nhân vật.
  • ]: Show or hide character names.
  • : Show or hide characters around.

With the above shortcuts will help you play the game Ngao Kiem Vo Song more effectively, manipulate much easier, save a lot of time and effort.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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