Synthesize all versions of the game Angry Birds attractive – Part 1

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Angry Birds was first introduced in 2009 with the main character of angry birds and nasty green pigs. This game series from Rovio Entertainment continues to evolve over time. The birds have migrated, the pigs have evolved, and the joy never stops for the loyal fans of this series.

If you are one of them, are you confident that you have experienced and conquered all parts of the Angry Birds series? Let’s score in all versions of the game Angry Birds and check to see if you missed a part.

List of game versions Angry Birds

1. Angry Birds (2009)

The first installment of Angry Birds, released in 2009, is still on the market if you’ve never played it. The birds and pigs have come a long way since the original release.

Angry Birds (2009)

Using your slingshot and shooting skills, you shoot the birds flying straight at the green pigs to defeat them. You can destroy any structure or take down the pigs directly. Each bird has its own special structural attack abilities, so have a smart strategy to take advantage of each.

Red – the red bird seems to be the most angry bird, Chuck pierces wooden structures, Bomb is perfect for exploding metal structures, Matilda drops explosive eggs and The Blues (Jim , Jake, and Jay) broke the glass. The following games are added a giant version of Red, and Stella – the cute pink girl breaks everything with her bubble.

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2. Angry Birds Seasons (2010)

The sequel to the series is Angry Birds Seasons, released in 2010. With the same game play, the goal of getting rid of pigs, Angry Birds Seasons brings the theme of seasons. You still pass the levels, score points, earn stars but in a different environment.

Angry Birds Seasons (2010)

With the changing seasons or festivals of the year, you will have experiences of new themes and levels, starting from spring, summer to Halloween, school, basketball and a Hollywood theme …

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3. Angry Birds Rio (2011)

To spice up the new installment, the birds migrated to another location in Angry Birds Rio. This part of the game appears with the animated movie Rio and its next movie, Rio 2. And in this part of the game, boss battles are a new feature of the game.

Angry Birds Rio (2011)

The feel of the game and the looks of the birds differ from the first two. Plus, your enemy is a monkey instead of a pig, but the gameplay is basically the same and Angry Birds Rio has neat and gorgeous graphics.

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4. Angry Birds Friends (2012)

With the same fun and gameplay, but with a slight twist in the competition, Angry Birds Friends was born in 2012. In regular tournaments, you play with your friends on Facebook to see who can score the highest. As long as you reach the top three by the end of the tournament you will win coins. Then, use them to purchase useful power-up items.

Angry Birds Friends

You can also earn lots of coins for ranking in tournaments and send in-game giveaways to your friends. Each tournament has six levels and most last for about a week. Even though Angry Birds Friends has been around for a few years, the game is still widely popular.

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5. Angry Birds Space (2012)

Offering a real challenge, Angry Birds Space takes place in zero gravity. If you were the master of the first games, then you will be really amazed at the way it plays in this foray part of the series.

  Angry Birds Space (2012)

Pigs are floating “floating” through galaxies and asteroids everywhere. Taking place in zero gravity space when everything is floating, you still have a fixed position. The trick here is to try to use the asteroids to your advantage to take down the nasty pigs.

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6. Angry Birds Star Wars (2012)

Angry Birds Star Wars is definitely another outer space adventure, but with characters from the hot movie Star Wars. You start your journey on Tatooine – the home planet of Luke Skywalker, then to Hoth and many other planets.

Angry Birds Star Wars

The birds have other skills in this game and are equipped with many of the weapons you will recognize from the movie. To complete the theme, you can enjoy the dramatic music and effects. For fans of Star Wars and lovers of Angry Birds, this is a dream game.

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7. Angry Birds Star Wars II (2013)

Great games and movies often have sequels. If you like Angry Birds Star Wars, keep fighting in Angry Birds Star Wars II. The unique part about this game is that you can play as a pig for the first time. Successfully pass 17 bird levels, unlock pork, and join the pig force.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds Star Wars II brings characters like Yoda, Anakin, Mace, and Jango Fett. You can also switch between characters. With two overlapping sides of each story, it offers a very enjoyable experience for fans of both movies and games.

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8. Angry Birds Go! (two thousand and thirteen)

Rovio Entertainment has decided in 2013 it is time to take the birds to the track. Angry Birds Go! completely unlike the previous games, because it’s racing game, not arcade puzzle. You race through Piggly Island, collect coins, unlock prizes and upgrade vehicles.

Angry Birds Go!  (two thousand and thirteen)

The game also offers multiplayer mode and tournaments for you to join, If you love the Angry Birds theme and the game’s characters then you will probably love Angry Birds Go !.

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Have you conquered all of the games mentioned above yet? Above are just 8 of the total number of games in the Angry Birds series. Please continue to explore more in part 2 of the article!

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