PUBG Mobile: How to use grenades effectively?

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If the weapon is in PUBG Mobile required skill of the player, throwing weapons required tactical in combat, but most players abandoned them in the process of filling their backpack. Furthermore, in PUBG Mobile There are many types of grenades used in many different tactical situations.

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Talking about how to use, any grenade is the same, just align it near or far and throw, called High Toss and Low TossHowever, to use them effectively, you have to figure out when to throw, and what kind to use under what circumstances. In the article below, will point out a few tips on using each grenade type in PUBG Mobile for efficiency.

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PUBG Mobile: Tips to use each grenade most effectively

1. Grenade (explosive grenade)

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This is the most common type of grenade in shooters, and it is used the most in PUBG Mobile, because the amount of impact it inflicts is very wide and it does great damage. Can easily destroy two enemies at the same time if in the hands of players with precision throwing skills.

The wait time of this grenade is 5 seconds, if you throw it too early, the enemy will easily detect it and quickly hide. So if you have pulled out the key then wait 2-3 seconds to throw, with that time, from the moment the grenade left your hand to the position of the enemy is just enough to detonate.

2. Flashbang (Shocked Pomegranate)

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This grenade is very rarely used in PUBG Mobile, and is also the grenade that requires the highest skill to use. If you know how to take advantage of it, this will be an extremely powerful grenade in the home phase. Because gamers who are directly attached to this grenade will be stunned, buzzed and temporarily lose vision for a short time.

And note when using this grenade that you should use it when the enemy is indoors. If you stay out, the stun will be reduced, just like a grenade, you should leave 2 seconds of time before throwing. Because if you pull out the key and then throw it, the enemy will hear the sound of the grenade falling and turn your face in the other direction, so the chance of being stunned is reduced.

3. Smoke

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The right time to use this grenade is probably well known to many gamers, it is around the time of the last round. Does not deal as great damage as Grenade or has a stun like Flashbang, but Smoke is capable of creating haze of smoke to be suitable for fleeing enemy bullets. Very suitable for bare terrain.

And as mentioned above, it is advisable to use this type of grenade in the last circle, as it is not always possible to get in the covered area so you can hide, so please take some grenades before running in. Last board for convenience of use. You can draw the latch and throw out the smoke to hide and from there use it to attack the enemy.

4. Molotov (Fire Bomb)

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Molotov’s frequency in PUBG Mobile is probably the least compared to the grenades mentioned above, but you must also learn how to use this thrown weapon because it is capable of causing damage in a very difficult way. bear for the enemy. Moreover, you just need to choose the long or close throw mode and do not need to time it like Grenade or Flashbang.

After being thrown into the enemy’s position Molotov will explode immediately and will emit fires that spread over a certain area and then burn those who are within the range of that fire. Very suitable in home phases or narrow areas.

In addition to these how to use grenades in PUBG Mobile above this article then Observation tips and controls in PUBG Mobile equally important, if you do play PUBG Mobile on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator I do not say anything, but if playing on the phone, please refer to the article Some tips to help players observe and control better in PUBG Mobile.

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