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Similar to League of Legends, Empire, Audition … Grand Theft Auto V Also supports a lot of keyboard shortcuts to help control the game quickly and conveniently. These shortcuts will create a sense of adventure extremely interesting for players.

So you already know all the shortcuts in the game GTA 5 yet? If not please refer to below’s article to control the game more quickly:

List of gaming shortcuts Grand Theft Auto V

General function shortcut

  • P: Pause.
  • Z: Zoom in and out on the Radar.
  • V: Change Camera.
  • Caps Lock: Activate / Toggle ability.
  • Alt: Choose your character.
  • F5: Choose the character Michael.
  • F6: Choose the character Franklin.
  • F7: Choose the character Trevor.
  • F8: Switch from single player mode to GTA Online.
  • M: Interactive menu (gait, mood, vehicle lock …).
  • F1: Start / End of recording.
  • F2: Start / Stop recording when playing again.
  • F3: Cancel recording.
  • E: Action scene.

Navigation shortcut

  • W, A, S, D: Move up, left, down, right.
  • Space: Dance.
  • Shift: Run fast.
  • F: Get in the car / Get in the car (train).
  • Ctrl: Hide.
  • C: Look back.

Combat control shortcuts

  • Right click: Stare and shoot.
  • Q: Refuge.
  • G: Grenade Throwing / Bomb Explosion.
  • R: Weak attack at close range.
  • Q: Strong attack at close range.
  • Space: Dodge in melee battle.
  • Left click: Shoot.
  • R: Load.
  • E: Change accessories for weapons.
  • Scroll the mouse up and down: Zoom in and out of sight.
  • J: Zoom in on the field of view.
  • [:[: Minimize the field of view.

Shortcut to use weapons

  • Tab: Turn on the weapon show wheel.
  • Scroll the mouse up and down: Change weapons first, after.
  • first: Do not use weapons.
  • 2: Melee combat.
  • 3: Shotgun.
  • 4: Heavy weaponry.
  • 5: Special weapon.
  • 6: Pistol.
  • 7: Tommy Gun.
  • 8: Rifle.
  • 9: Sniper rifles.

Vehicle control shortcuts

  • F: Car abandonment.
  • Scroll up and down: Choose a weapon.
  • Tab: Next weapon.
  • [:[: Weapons from before.
  • C: Look back.
  • “.”: Turn on another radio channel.
  • “,”: Previous radio channel.
  • “=”: Switch to radio.
  • “-“: Previous post.
  • R: Move camera.
  • Q: Radio tuning.
  • L: Slow motion.
  • X: Bow to dodge in the car.
  • Scroll the mouse up and down: Accelerate / Decelerate leap.
  • Pg Up: Accelerate while performing the leap.
  • PG Dn: Reduce speed while performing the leap.

Shortcuts to control car, bicycle, boat

  • W: Acceleration.
  • S: Brake.
  • A / D: Turn left / Turn right.
  • Shift: Lean forward.
  • Ctrl: Lean back.
  • Left click: Shoot from the car.
  • Right click: Shooting from inside the car.
  • H: The light.
  • Space: Hand brake.
  • E: Horn.
  • Caps Lock: Step on sprint.
  • Q: Bicycle front brake.

Shortcuts to control aircraft

  • W: Drive faster.
  • S: Reduce the gas.
  • A / D: Move left / right.
  • 4: Turn left.
  • 6: Turn right.
  • 8: Point the plane’s head down.
  • 5: Point the plane up.
  • Right click: Shoot from the plane.
  • Space: Shoot from the plane.
  • 7: Left aim.
  • 9: Right shot.
  • G: Eject / Hidden numbers.
  • E: Glide mode.
  • Ins: Change weapon rotation angle on plane.

Shortcuts to control submarines

  • W: Acceleration.
  • S: Reduce speed.
  • A / D: Turn left / right.
  • 4: Turn left.
  • 6: Turn right.
  • 8: Push the bow of the ship forward.
  • 5: Push the bow of the ship backwards.
  • Shift: Climb the slope.
  • Ctrl: Downhill.

Shortcuts control parachute

  • A, W, S, D: Navigate the parachute left, up, down, right.
  • Left click: Open umbrella.
  • F: Turn on or drop the parachute.
  • Q: Turn left urgently.
  • E: Turn right urgently.
  • Shift: More precise parachute controls.
  • X: Create smoke to fly in the back after using the parachute.

Other joystick

  • Roll the mouse over / ↑: Using phone.
  • ← ↑ ↓ →: Navigate the phone menu.
  • Left click / Enter: Choose.
  • Right click / Backspace: Cancel.
  • Del: Options in phone.
  • Mouse Wheel / Space: Special option.
  • Roll the mouse wheel up and down: Move.
  • Mouse wheel / E: Take a Selfie photo on your phone.
  • X: Change face emotion when taking Selfie photo.
  • F: Control the depth of field when using the phone camera.

Please note the application in each case, because 1 key can concurrently function many functions. Hope the above article will help you quickly “destroy the island” this fascinating GTA 5 game!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

Updated: May 21, 2020

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