TOP Free Fire characters worth buying with coins

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Not all Free Fire character must buy with diamonds. In fact, once you’ve accumulated all 8,000 coins, you can own it the best characters in the game Free Fire.

Free Fire is becoming more and more popular in the world thanks to continuous updates with great changes and additions. Outstanding among the most popular features is the Free Fire character system. However, not everyone has the money to buy characters in Free Fire with diamonds. So this article will help you know Which character should buy in Free Fire 2020 with coins.

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Best Free Fire characters can be purchased with coins

1 – Hayato

Hayato character in Free Fire

Hayato is possibly the best attacker you should buy with coins. His passive ability Bushido increases overall damage to enemies by adding armor penetration. Every time he loses 10% HP, in return Hayato gives 10% armor penetration, enough for him to break any armor that hinders his action.

Overall, Hayato’s skill is great in every position – sniping can also maintain a low HP to increase damage per shot.

2 – Miguel

Miguel character from Free Fire

Miguel’s Crazy Slayer passive powers give him up to 80 EP per skill cast. This is a great power because you can slowly get your EP back after you win the war. Crazy Slayer also combines super well with skill A124. You can activate it continuously without having to worry about EP.

In general, Miguel can adapt to many different types of skill building. Thanks to the addition of K, you can easily activate Jiujitsu mode to use the 80 EPs in no time.

3 – Laura

Laura character in the game Free Fire

Laura’s passive ability will increase her aiming accuracy by 30%. This is a great advantage in combat, especially when you are using a weapon with a high recoil like the AK. It is perfect to combine this ability with Rafael’s Dead Silent. You will get some precise sniper shots.

The above is Characters in Free Fire that you can buy with coins. If you know any other options, please share with

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