Summary of keyboard shortcuts Diablo 2 game

Diablo 2 – Attractive action game

Similar to Hot games like PUBG, Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile VNG, Diablo 2 also has its own shortcut system to help players control and manipulate in the game quickly. So invite you to follow the article below:

Summary of keyboard shortcuts Diablo 2 game

Summary of shortcuts in the game Diablo 2

  • Hide: Activate or deactivate the Esc menu.
  • H: Display help screen.
  • A (or C): Character properties screen.
  • B (or me): Sunglasses Backpack inventory monitor.
  • P: Monitor Party Sunglasses.
  • M: Turn on message log.
  • Q: Turn on the Quest log.
  • Enter: Open / Close chat overlay in game
  • Redirection: Turn on the machine automatically.
  • Home: Automap Center.
  • T: Sunglasses screen skill tree.
  • S: Mouse button skill mouse button overlay.
  • F1 – F8: Place or use left / right mouse button skills.
  • ~: Turn on screen for belts larger than 1 x 4.
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4: Use medication in slots 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • Ctrl: Hold to run.
  • R: Toggle auto on / off.
  • Ca: Holds the cause of the character to stand still while attacking.
  • Alt: Display all items currently on the ground.
  • Space: Remove all screens for normal viewing only.
  • Key 0: Character of the sentence “Help.”
  • Key 1: The character of the sentence “Follow me.”
  • Key 2: Character of the sentence “For you.”
  • Key 3: Character of the sentence “Thank you.”
  • Key 4: Character of the sentence “Sorry.”
  • Key 5: Character of the sentence “Goodbye.”
  • Key 6: Character of the sentence “Dead.”
  • N: Delete text messages.
  • Screen printing: Take a screenshot and put the screenshot in the Diablo 2 folder as screenshots.
  • Z: Glass displays a partial member portrait in the top left corner of the screen.
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The mouse buttons in the game Diablo 2

Left mouse

  • When clicking on a point on the ground, the character moves to that point.
  • Click on monsters to attack.
  • Receive / drop items.
  • Activate the shrine.
  • Open the door / chest.
  • Interact with NPCs.

Right mouse

  • Use skills or abilities on creatures.
  • Take medicines.
  • Activate scroll or tome.

Middle mouse (mouse wheel)

  • Default action to turn on / off the map.

Wheel (up / down movement)

  • Quickly scroll through important skills and abilities.

Updated: February 7, 2021

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