Good tip for buying more farmers in Clash Of Clans

Farmers also known as Builder in Clash Of Clans are the deciding factor in the speed of upgrading defenses in your village. Every time you buy one more farmer, the speed of upgrading will increase significantly.

Join the game Clash Of Clans (COC) you will be given 200 Gem and 2 farmers, save Gem to buy more farmers to speed up your construction!

Good tip for buying more farmers in Clash Of Clans

The cost per farmer is as follows:

  • Farmers 3: 500 Gem.
  • Farmer 4th: 1000 Gem.
  • Farmer 5th: 2000 Gem.

To buy enough 5 farmers you will have to spend a total 3500 Gem, So you should do the task and pay attention to save Gem again. With the achievements in the Clan Wars, plus the titles, it takes 2 to 3 months to buy the 4th farmer without spending any money.

The condition to buy the 5th farmer is that you have to achieve the Champion’s League title or a variety of other titles and achievements, so it will be more difficult and take a lot of time. Be persistent in the end you will have 5 farmers!

Tips for earning Gem to buy Farmers in Clash Of Clans

So the question now is how to make a lot of Gems? How to earn Gem? And there is a tip to buy farmers without spending money is a question that many gamers are wondering, need answers. Invite you to refer to the following article to earn more Gem buy farmers and perform other jobs too:

Good tip for buying more farmers in Clash Of Clans

1. Build houses according to the tasks:

Make house-based tasks in the game, you will quickly earn many Gems, just complete simple tasks, easy to perform, you can also earn a total. 72 Gem:

  • Bigger Coffers: Upgrade gold storage to Level 2 and Level 5 will earn 7 Gems.
  • Bigger & Better: Upgrade the main house to Level 3 and Level 5 will earn 15 Gem.
  • Empire Builder: Build and upgrade the Clan Castle house to level 2 will earn 15 Gem.
  • Release the Beasts: Upgrading the soldier to get bows, booms and dragons in turn will earn 35 gems.
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2. Chopping down trees, cleaning garbage around the house:

With this way you have just completed the task and earned Gem, cleaned from 5 to 50 obstacles to get 15 Gem, so keep cleaning continuously for 2 to 3 months will earn a total 100 Gem.

3. Give soldiers to teammates:

  • Give 100 soldiers to teammates in Clan earn 5 Gem.
  • Donated 5,000 soldiers to teammates in Clan earned 25 Gem.
  • Donated 25. 000 soldiers to teammates in the Clan earned 250 Gem.

So just giving soldiers to your teammates you can earn a total 280 Gem.

4. Up the trophy:

Performing the Sweet Victory quest sequence takes about 1 day but in return we can get a total 465 Gem:

  • Achieve a total of 75 trophies will earn 5 Gem.
  • Achieve a total of 750 trophies will earn 10 Gem.
  • Achieve a total of 1,250 will earn 450 Gems.

5. Positive War Clan:

Destroying in turn will earn a total of 110 Gem:

  • 10 – 100 walls: 15 Gem.
  • 10 – 100 Town Hall houses: 15 Gem.
  • 25 – 250 farmers: 15 Gem.
  • 25 – 500 Mortars: 15 Gem.
  • 1 X-Bow: 50 Gem.

Fighting War Clan will earn a total of 375 Gem:

  • Won 10 – 150 Stars for the Clan: 250 Gem.
  • Gather gold after winning the War Clan 800 thousand – 15 million: 125 Gem.

Robbing and defending won a total of 70 Gems:

  • Win 25 – 250 matches: 15 Gem.
  • Successfully defended the house 10 – 250 matches: 55 Gem.
  • Reach level Crystal League 2000 trophy – 250 Gem.

6. Hit Campaign Map:

  • Winning 10 stars in Campaign Map will earn 5 Gems.
  • Winning 50 stars in Campaign Map will earn 15 Gems.
  • Winning 150 stars in Campaign Map will earn 20 Gems.
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In total we can make a total 40 Gem when hitting Campaign Map.

By doing that the task you have earned more 1500 Gem Okay, feel free to buy the 4th farmer! Not too difficult, right? And the 5th farmer must “plow hoe” More missions and wait, it will take time, don’t be discouraged!

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