Tips to improve reflection efficiency in Free Fire

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Free Fire is a high speed battle royale game. Therefore, quick reflexes are extremely important in Free Fire if you want to win. Here are some Tips to help you improve your reflexes in Free Fire.

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In the shooting game Free FireReflection is as important as the ability to aim. With good reflexes, you can immediately react to unexpected dangers such as a situation where the enemy rushes out from a secret hiding corner. There are actually many How to increase reflexes in Free Fire. The article will list some methods that are effective for both players Free Fire old and new.

Tips to improve reflection efficiency in Free Fire

Understand the meaning of sound in Free Fire

Every noise in Free Fire is important, especially the sound of enemy footsteps and gunshots. They will help you determine your direction of movement and aim better. So, please wear headphones to clearly feel every sound in Free Fire. As long as you hear the enemy’s footsteps 1 second before the match, you can react immediately.

Understand weapons in Free Fire

Understand Free Fire weapons

Each Free Fire gun has its own characteristics. At least you have to be familiar with a few assault rifles to be able to play well in the game. Only when you understand the characteristics and style of the weapon can you improve your goal towards.

Try to take initiative in Free Fire

Try to take down your enemies first. If you detect the enemy and quickly shoot first, you will gain a great advantage. Use Scope 2x to explore while moving. The faster you do this, the better it will be.

How to increase reflexes in Free Fire

Customize Free Fire game settings

Changing weapon sensitivity can be of great help in some situations. For example, a slightly lower sensitivity reduction would be the best setting for close range combat while a higher sensitivity is ideal for long distances. This is because you need a stable pointer to take down enemies at close range. However, when at a long distance, you must move quickly to catch up with the enemy.

Customize settings in Free Fire

Gyroscope training is a great way to improve your reflexes in Free Fire. This way you don’t need to touch the surrounding areas as much.

Above are some tips to improve reflexes in Free Fire. If you know any other way, please share with readers offline!

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