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Instructions for transactions in the game Leaf Village Adventure

Adventure Village, a 2D q-style game that is feverish with the storyline based on the famous Anime Naruto series, you can choose the characters with a variety of interesting missions in the game, change your appearance. form, train unique jutsu along with many other attractive features in the game.

One of the most outstanding features and enjoyed by many gamers “trader“In Hidden Leaf Village Adventure is interested in, it is the direct trading feature, which will help many gamers trade and buy and sell items, money in the game, opening up for players a world of communication. great trade.

How to trade directly in the Hidden Leaf Village, please refer to the article below. If you do not have the Adventure Leaf Village you can see more in the article Instructions on how to download and install Adventure Leaf Village on your phone and Install Adventure Leaf Village on the computer.

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How to trade directly in La Phieu Luu Ky Village

Step 1: Choose the character you want to trade. Then click on the player’s character photo to proceed with the transaction.

Adventure leaf village transactions

Step 2: Then in the lower left corner of the screen will appear a list, click the button Deal and wait for the opposite player to agree or cancel the transaction.

Adventure leaf village transactions

Step 3: Next in the Transactions table, click to Handbag to proceed with placing the equipment and unlocked credits you want in the Transaction box.

Each page you click to trade will display a information sheet about that equipment, click Select in the dashboard to make put in the box Deal.

Click Silver transfer to make a silver trade.

Adventure leaf village transactions

Step 4: Enter the number of credits you want to transfer and press Confirm.

Adventure leaf village transactions

Step 5: Then switch to the Transactions panel, press lock up To agree to the transaction, if the other party has locked the transaction, you just need to wait for the countdown to expire.

Adventure leaf village transactions

If the transaction is successful, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen.

Adventure leaf village transactions

The way of trading in the Leaf Village Adventure is similar to many games with free trade, hopefully with the article on how to trade in the Adventure Leaf Village above, it will help gamers easily trade. , buy and sell items in the game.

Besides the above transaction feature then Character selection feature in the game Also a pretty important feature, each character in the game will represent a school of attack, using different weapons, items and “chakra”, you choose the character to suit your fighting style. and trading and exchanging suitable items for your character.

You can do it more easily by referring to the article How to choose a character in the game Hidden Leaf Adventure Ky.

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