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Steam’s new App for Mobile gamers to play PC games

For gamers “key mouse”, Steam is the most popular platform at the moment with providing the majority of games on PC. In addition to a series of super products launched every year, Steam also owns the most popular games at the moment. These PUBG, Dota 2, CSGO, GTA 5 nice Rainbow Six Siege… are just a few examples of such popularity.

However, now Steam is encroaching on a whole new “arena” as it prepares to give gamers the ability to play PC games right on their mobile devices. Exactly, you didn’t hear me wrong.. All PC games in your Steam account can be played directly on Mobile.


With the introduction of the application named Steam Link, Steam allows gamers to directly stream images of PC games in their accounts directly to the Smartphone or Tablet screen. It is worth mentioning that you will not lose a dime for this application. You don’t have to buy it on the Android or iOS download store, you don’t have to pay for any kind of service… You just have to wait until the official release date of the App, go to the download store and download it to your mobile device. never mind.


However, for Steam Link to work, you still need a certain condition, that is, your mobile device and the PC with the Steam account must be in the same network (for example, at home, school or work). ty). At this point, many people will wonder what the control mechanism is like if the game is streamed directly from PC to Mobile. Simply, Steam Link will support Steam controllers as well as other MFI controllers, almost turning your Smartphone into a mini Console.. only this will be much more convenient.


Steam Link with its unique ability to operate seems to be directed at the “laziness” of gamers. It feels like now you will no longer have to sit in front of the computer screen to play games anymore, but can lie back on the bed and hold the phone to experience your favorite virtual world products for so long. In addition, Steam Link also has the ability to stream movies besides simple games.

Steam Link is expected to launch on May 21 of this year and as mentioned, it is completely free. This app will release on both Android and iOS. As soon as Steam Link airs, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.

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