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How powerful is the AK47- Born Beast?

The much-awaited Born Beast will appear on the battlefield CrossFire Legends – AK47-Born Beast, finally made its ADC debut earlier in the week. Join us to learn about the power of this gun!

Overview of the power of AK47-Born Beast

First, the AK47-Born Beast belongs to the VIP gun line, so it will have VIP features such as increasing EXP, increasing ammo for guns of the same Rifle line, killmark… This gun also has a very special feature called Awakening: When players in PVP mode defeat 10000 enemies, AK47-Born Beast will awaken, gaining more attributes and features that make it even more terrifying. In the AI ​​battlefield, AK47-Born Beast also increases the gunner’s health, restores HP when killing AI, increases the magazine up to 62 rounds. In terms of power indicators, it is clear that the AK47-Born Beast is also very superior to other AK47s.


To better understand the power of the AK47-Born Beast, let’s compare it with an extremely powerful and beloved AK47 – AK47 Transformer. AK-Born Beast has a reload speed, a fire rate (at the 42-round mark) that is superior to the opponent. Meanwhile, the draw speed of these 2 guns is the same. The point where Ak47 Transformer is more than that is in the special attack speed. However, in return, the AK47 Born Beast has a 3-time continuous melee attack feature that makes the AK47 Transformer’s special attack speed meaningless.

AK47-Born Beast is scary not only in strength, but its appearance will also make enemies lose their limbs when they see you. This gun takes the form of a wild and bloodthirsty beast with fish gill patterns that open and close and emit fire light with every move of the gunner.

The appearance of the super product AK47-Born Beast will definitely make the Crossfire Legends battlefield much more fierce in the near future. Gunners hurry up to fight and own this super product by opening the Ultimate Born Beast box.

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