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Note: The article is subjective by the author.

Tea Green tea, also known as green tea, is a beverage made from the leaves of the tea tree. After the process of planting and harvesting, the tea leaves are dried and then steeped with boiling water to form green tea.

Green tea water has a clear and cool appearance, but when you drink it, it has a bitter taste at the tip of your tongue, people who are not used to drinking it are prone to tea addiction, insomnia, but the more tea you drink, the more interesting and addictive it becomes. . Perhaps that’s why “Green Tea” has become a word used by netizens to refer to girls who have a hobby of “courting” guys whose houses have a roof or are ambiguous in love affairs. These girls have a pure, innocent, obedient, weak appearance on the outside, but on the inside they are extremely psychotic, good at calculating, playing with emotions, always looking for ways to play the victim and always ” unintentionally but intentionally” brought down the heroine.

These girls are not hard to find in real life and even in the world anime There is also no shortage of such “green tea” characters.

Haruno SakuraNaruto


Although she is the main female character of the world famous series Naruto, there is still a large number of fans of this manga who do not like Sakura to appear. Dubbed the beauty of Konoha, Sakura has a lovely and lovely appearance with pink hair, but she is weak, shallow, and blindly likes Sasuke (Actually, this is not too much to blame for anyone). without being in love with Sasuke), even broke his friendship with Ino because of his handsomeness. Sakura is also seen as annoying, useless in important battles.

Natsuki MogiEASY Initialization


In this manga, Natsuki used to be the girlfriend of the male lead Fujiwara Takumi. In front of her lover, Natsuki always presents herself as an innocent and docile girl, but in fact, she has been the sugarbaby of a rich Mercedes-Benz giant for a long time. Although she still loves Takumi, no one can forgive her for cheating on her feelings and secretly dating others behind her lover’s back.

Yuki KuranVampire Knight


As the heroine of this work, Yuki has a lively, cute appearance, is the school goddess and is also a member of the school disciplinary committee. Built for the perfect image by the author, but it was her love affair that ruined everything. Yuki keeps messing around between the two male leads, Kaname and Zero. Unresolved love makes both guys hurt and leads to conflicts between the living and the dead. In important situations, this half-season strong Yuki can only cry helplessly.

Akane Minagawa – Scum’s Wish


In the manga, Akane Minagawa is a music teacher and used to be the tutor of Mugi – the boy who fell in love with his teacher. Akane has always been known to students for her pure, beautiful and elegant appearance. But it’s all just pretend, her real personality is completely opposite to her appearance, not only likes to pressure others for fun, but also has relationships with many guys.

Kasugano TsubakiFuture Diary

His purple eyes were cloudy due to Tsubaki’s poor eyesight.

Kasugano Tsubaki is the owner of Diary 6, and the high priestess of the Ometaka Sect. She is revered by her followers as Ngu Mu Nu or Ngu Mu Dai Nhan because of her ability to see everything. Tsubaki has built herself a polite, shy and friendly image, but of course, this is not the case, so she is on this list. She thinks that Gasai Yuno will be the perfect half of Amano Yukiteru, so she finds a way to break it and save Yukiteru for herself. Always acting pitiful, Tsubaki has tricked many other characters and believers into believing in him. This sister likes to torture Yuno to ease her pain, such as kissing Yukiteru in front of Yuno or ordering male followers to rape Yuno, …

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