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Record of Lodoss War Online manga game released Big Update

Belongs to the fantasy PC MMORPG game genre; based on the novel series of the same name that was very popular in the 80s; Record of Lodoss War Online Developed by L&K Co., Ltd (CEO Nam, Taeg Won, L&K), and GameOn Co., Ltd. After more than a year of opening, for the first time, L&K released an update with major changes such as the character system, adjusted game balance, and added a lot of items and equipment systems.


First, Warrior is the newly updated character class; is divided into two professions Avenger and Mercenary. As the name implies, Warrior uses two large swords to deal physical damage to enemies. To adjust its attack speed, the warrior and its character system can summon mercenaries.
Warriors can change jobs to Mercenary mercenaries, with the ability to summon a monk mercenary to support their teammates, or become Avenger, another job, which can use ‘Frenzy mode’ to increase Attack by increasing attack speed, critical rate, critical damage.


In this update, the Swamp of Tranquility battlefield is changed and added a lot of monsters. Hellhound is changed to Andro Croocodile; Increase EXP when killing monsters in Lake Obelisk.
With the reduction of the number from 15 people to 10 people, gamers can easily organize Boss raids. Guild Hall is one of the difficult Dungeons, also refreshed to make it easier for gamers to reach the Stair Hall. Boss at Guild Dungeon, Ruler of Death Valley, Batis are also reduced in strength.


The equipment enhancement and fusion system has also been updated. With two items, you can merge to get a new, more advanced item through the fusion system. Advanced equipment can use magical tools to improve its power.
The costume enhancement system and Magic tool synthesis system have been updated. The two skins can be processed through composite skins to obtain a more advanced skin. More advanced skins have a place to equip the Magic tool to improve its power.
Magic Tool Synthesis system, using 2 magic tools to obtain a higher level magic tool through the ‘Magic Tool Synthesis’, which you can buy at the Adventurer Association through NPC Justin.

Lodoss War online belongs to the Free-to-play genre. Interested readers can experience LodossWar at the GNG website; Planet or Warp Portal. You can download the game directly at LodossWar homepage​​​​

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