In the game… is death also a happy ending?

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During the adult journey of human life, we shape ourselves with a thought.. an idea in our mind, that any story must have a beautiful ending, any journey. and also see a happy day with joy waiting at the end. From the stories of the grandmother, the mother in the fairy tale world to the pages of books, the footage of growing up .. all, no matter how dark the beginning, we are stubborn. but hope for a wonderful happy ending..

That’s natural, it’s a good thing.. because it proves human nature, that we always know to hope even when there’s no exit in front of us or a dead end behind us. can turn. The game is definitely the most perfect place to realize that human instinct, giving us control of the game, giving us the opportunity to succeed with unbelievably perfect endings..


Today’s games always put in front of our eyes countless options, sometimes you will find yourself walking on the path of roses, enjoying the taste of victory over the sky with a super heartwarming ending. But sometimes, everything is just a dark and sad color, where the hero does not come out of some shimmering fairy tale … but they will die like everyone else, even will perish in loneliness, in regret, in shame and in extreme sadness. Until then, everyone will define themselves… this is the bad ending, and the other is the good ending.

But wonder if you have to “live happily ever after” to be considered beautiful? The ending must always be pleasing to the viewer, the player and the player to be called memorable? If so, we are wrong.. Because maybe the end of a person is the beginning of good things… sometimes a sacrificed life is exchanged for countless great values. labor is immeasurable.


Look at Final Fantasy X with silhouette Tidus fade into the void, leaving behind Yuna couldn’t hug him for the last time. He left, but looking back at the roads along the journey, the things that Tidus has done, we will still find it beautiful… a sad beauty, but it must stay longer in people’s hearts play. Or is that Transistor, the game carries the image of an unknown man taking the place of the girl he loves, a mortal sword, then the soul enters the sword, accompanying her on the path of revenge. He died to let her live.. he died to protect her even after he had no body left.


And then The Walking Dead, with the story of Lee – a teacher who was arrested for murdering his wife in adultery, but had an accident on the way to escort him. Along the way, Lee makes countless decisions to help her and Clementine survive the pandemic of the zombies that haunts everywhere. Those decisions are good, bad… human, but callous. At the end of the story, he dies, but his death gives another being a chance to live, to move on in a chaotic world where humans are scarier than zombies.

All these stories are only filled with death, and for many people.. they can never be attributed to the adjective “happy”. But if those deaths and sacrifices can be exchanged for a greater value, won’t they become perfect endings, happy endings. After all, sometimes the image of a person falling, sad, desperate.. but it’s more beautiful than any rosy story out there.​

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