Steam’s hottest horror game hacked, letting demons jump in the face of players

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With the number of players online at the same time up to 86 thousand people, Phasmophobia – title horror game do Kinetic Games development is one of the most sought-after games Steam in this week. Of the more than 42,000 comments on Steam, 96% are positive reviews, so that’s enough to understand the title ghost hunting game How is this being liked by players. However, only a month after its release, Phasmophobia has been visited by hackers.​


The developer Kinetic Games recently shared that they know that some players have used third-party tools to modify the game, which has caused many unwanted effects. The problems that hackers cause for Phasmophobia are diverse, from increasing the player limit, changing the behavior of the AI, increasing money, increasing levels to death images, creepy sounds that suddenly jump out. scare the player to death.

Recently, Phasmophobia player saw a bunch of ghosts appearing in the lobby, which is something that has never happened before. The lobby was filled with about 15 gamers and over 100 ghosts. The developer recommends that players should not participate in the lobby with more than 4 players as well as the appearance of unusual AIs and ghosts.​

The player is trapped with a hundred ghosts

Apparently there were players using tools to modify the game, which could damage the player’s saved game as well as destabilize other players’ servers. Currently the developer is trying to fix the above phenomenon.​

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