Tru Tien 3D: How do sects change when entering the realm of Fairy – Ma – Buddha (P.1)

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The moment that Tru Tien 3D gamer The long-awaited expectation has become a reality when they can now step into the realm of Fairy – Ma – Buddha. That is the time when players can discover completely new experiences on the path of cultivation, learn more sublime skills, and complement the shortcomings of the sect they are playing.


So each sect in Tru Tien 3D What will be the changes when choosing one of the 3 fairy houses – Ma – Buddha? Please refer to the article below to make the right choice for you!


1. Fairy

  • Return to Sword Qi: Attacks a single target at long range, adding 18% ATK, dealing 300% damage. The lower the target’s health, the higher the damage. CD time 20s.​

  • Return to Sword Qi – Huyen: Releases the target’s sword qigong 2 times, each time adding 3% ATK, dealing 25% damage.​

  • Return to Sword Qi – Van: Releases Sword Qi, the attack rate increases by 1% and lasts for 8 seconds.​

2. Ghost

  • Frost Frost: Attack ranged enemies within 5 cells, each time add 5% ATK, dealing 225% damage, each attack adds 1.5s to fix the body. If the target has been immobilized before, it changes to a freezing effect (cannot cast skills and cannot move). CD time 12s.​

  • Frost Frost Glass – Slaughter: The room that likes frost frost deals great damage each time by 3% of ATK.​

  • Frost Frost – Hung: Releases frost frost that deals damage, reducing the target’s defense by 2%. Freeze 5s.​

3. Buddha

  • Refining Spirit Refining: Continuously grants yourself and allies 15% ATK, 15% Accuracy, and 40% Damage reduction. Also restores 1% of the air foot. Continue for 20 seconds. CD time 30s.​

  • Refining the Spirit Refining – None: Releases the Refining Spirit, increasing evasion by 30%. Continuously maintain 20s.​

  • Refining the spirit of the spirit – Meditation: Release of the Qi Refining Spirit, recovering 2% of the blood every second, continuously for 20s.​


Thanh Van – Tien is quite magnificent. The skill’s base damage is very high, facing enemies with low health is easy to one hit. The lower the health, the higher the damage, but if the health is full, this skill is quite weak.


Thanh Van – Ma is Thanh Van’s bright spot, combined with “Thinh Bang” can control a large area. This skill helps Thanh Van in the PK have a very strong ability but has a little requirement for hand manipulation.


1. Fairy

  • Demon Soul Spell: Attacks a nearby target 4 times, each attack based on True Qi’s limit increases by 12% ATK, dealing 145% damage. At the same time, each attack has a 12% rate of recovering 5% of True Qi. CD time 12s.​

  • Divine Spell – Huyen: Releases the Demonic Soul Spell to increase damage by 10%.​

  • Divine Spell – Van: Releases Demonic Soul Spell to reduce HP recovery by 10% for 8s.​

2. Ghost

  • Only Thien Ma Di: Attacks enemies within 5 cells, each time increasing 10% ATK, dealing 80% damage. Each attack deals an additional 1s stun to the target. At the same time, reduce the target’s attack by 3%, maintaining it for 8 seconds. CD time 18s.​

  • Only Thien Ma Dia – Kill: Releases Only Thien Ma Dia restore 1% of True Qi each time, lasting 3s continuously.​

  • Only Thien Ma Dia – Hung: Releases Only Thien Ma Dia to attack enemies within range, reducing the attack by 10%, lasting 8s continuously.​

3. Buddha

  • Contradictory Water Spell: Sacrifices 30% of own ATK, converts to 155% Defense, lasts 10s continuously. CD time 20s.​

  • Contradictory Water Spell – Meditation: Releases the Water Spell, when attacked by an enemy, reduces ATK by 2%, dealing 20% ​​counter-damage, lasting 10s continuously.​

  • Water Spell – No: Releases the Water Spell, when attacked by the enemy, the enemy’s attack is reduced, lasting 3s continuously.​


Demon King – Buddha has the best support, pure Tank. Demon King and Thien Thu’s skills are both to increase self defense, reduce opponent’s attack, but the stats are not high, so the effect is not very clear. Adding the skill “Contradictory Water Spell” is completely different. Normally, a player’s attribute would be 2/3 of Attack, but when using “Reverse Water Spell”, Defense will be swapped with Attack, sometimes Defense is also increased. more, moreover, this is only a stat of level 1. If the level is maxed, the Demon King Tong becomes terrible.


When the opponent’s attack is lower than your defense, it is conceivable that the damage will be very low, plus the effectiveness of other skills, even if the opponent has several million more spells than you, it will not be able to do so. break the room. You have to know, even if the opponent has a high level of violence and damage, if he can’t break the room, it’s still considered leaving. Therefore, Demon King – Buddha will be the main direction in the future.

In short, the Demon King chooses Ma and Buddha to be the majority, because these two lanes are very useful in PK and sub. Ma increases damage and control, Buddha is pure Tank in the supplement, combining a little more control when PK is a good choice.


1. Fairy

  • Blooming Magic Emperor: Maintains a single target attack at long range 3 times, each time adding 15% ATK, dealing 165% damage, dealing 1% damage effect, lasting 5s. Maximum of having a husband dame 3 times. CD time 10s.​

  • Emperor Seal of Flowers – Huyen: Releases Emperor Seal of Flowers, dealing 8% more damage.​

  • Yan Hua Dieu De – Van: Releases Seal Flower Dieu De slows the target by 10%. Continuously maintain for 6s.​

2. Ghost

  • Buddha Da Tinh The: Summons a magic seal to continuously attack enemies within 4 cells, each time adding 8% ATK, dealing 45% damage. Added a 30% deceleration effect. Continuously maintain 4.8s. Also increases self’s accuracy by 20% for 8s. CD time 12s.​

  • Buddha Da Tinh The – Slaughter: Release Buddha Da Tinh The deals additional damage by 4%.​

  • Buddha Da Tinh The – Hung: Release Buddha Da Tinh The deals damage that causes the target to decrease by 200 and reduce stb. Continuously maintain 2s.​

3. Buddha

  • Great Compassion Spell: Every 6s, increase self and surrounding allies by 5%, reduce st, restore health by 20%. Continue for 18 seconds. CD time 30s.​

  • Great Compassion Mantra – Meditation: Releases Great Compassion Mantra, every 6s you and your surrounding teammates recover 2% of True Qi. Continuously maintain 18s

  • Great Compassion Mantra – No: Releases Great Compassion Mantra, causing yourself and teammates within range to increase by 200 and reduce stb by 200, lasting 18s.​


The skills of Thien Am – Tien are quite similar to Lei Yin, and must also be used continuously. Although the damage is lower than Thunder, but with the effect of “Epidemic Spear”, it can be combined with skills to deal damage. Usually will use “Dai Pham Bat Nha”, then “Nan Hoa Dieu De”, combined with “Thunder Yin”, along with the skill Battle. PK and Addendum can both be used.


Thien Am – Ma skill is a DPS skill, does not need to be used continuously, the damage is equivalent to “Thien Vu Luan”, used mainly for the supplement, when PK does not have much effect.

The buff of Thien Am – Buddha is extremely good, increases damage to a wide area, increases damage to teammates, increases healing efficiency, if combined with Van Mong, the effect is better. In the sub-version, using “Van Tuong Born Buddha”, the ability to heal is higher. There is also a large-area continuous vacuum recovery, which in the inter-server can effectively counter the opponent’s mana drain. As an auxiliary Thien Yin, Thien Am – Buddha is the best choice.

(The article refers to the translation of the gamer Trieu Man – Continuation)

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