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2. Rank system

S-Rank: Grandmaster, Mystery


Here are 2 systems buffs the most in this update when Grandmaster was given an additional time to reduce the opponent’s attack speed, and Mysterious was given an increase in magic resistance.

Rank A: Duel, Emperor, Hunter, Shooter


Although with a hard counter is Grandmaster, but in return, Dual Dou is not affected in this version. In addition, Duel can also activate the power up very early if it is not necessary to wait until the second half of the match to have as many effects as Grandmaster.

The Hunters and Marksmen also get a good boost in this version because the more Hunters you use, the higher the % of damage dealt to weak targets will be, not fixed as in the previous version. version 10.20. Regarding Marksmanship, Nidalee and Teemo both receive huge buffs.

Rank B: Assassin, Fighter, Enchantress, Mage, Ghost


Ghost after changing the mechanism to hide after the 3rd attack, dealing extra damage on the 4th attack has officially been removed from the game. Because if kept the same, the Ghost will be much easier to target and hurt.

The same situation of relegation with the Phantom is the Mage and the Gladiator after the enthronement of Mysterious as well as true damage from the Holy Spirit. However, Gladiator is still a good system for climbing ranks from low to mid.

The Enchantress and the Assassin gained the throne a little bit by enjoying the ascension of the Grand Master or the Ninja. Because if both the attack speed is reduced and the hand damage is reduced, the opponent will become a real waste. And the Assassin is always connected with the Ninja through the main card Akali.

Grade C: Pioneer


Although it has increased armor at 6 vanguard, and also adds a new combination of 8. However, the story of Vanguard is simply increasing armor while the Holy Spirit will not care much about this stat due to this. subtract directly from the enemy’s blood. On the other hand, dispelling the effect of the Holy Spirit will also make the ability to stun Sejuani or pull back from Aatrox almost meaningless. In general, Tien Phong is quite underpowered and needs a buff in the next version.

D-Rank: Protector of the Dharma


Some disadvantages such as often having to form a squad, easy to take large area damage, and easily overcome by the projector from the Cloak of Silence are the main reasons why the Dharma Protector is so underrated.​

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