CFL Pro League season 2: BlueStar flies high, EZ Gaming sinks into crisis

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Tournaments CFL Pro League Season 2 is going on extremely suspenseful and dramatic when this year’s season has witnessed a lot of big changes. The decline of many seeded teams and the excellence of the rookies make the tournament more exciting than ever. The series of matches from September 17 to 20 took place with unexpected matches, starting with Blue Star flying very high this season. Under Bastosai’s leadership, Blue Star had 6 wins and only 1 draw. 1. Started with a victory over CB Gaming, a rookie of Pro League and the champion. CF2Lwas underrated, but Blue Star had excellent performances and completely defeated CB to take the top spot.


Robots eSports and Wiki followed closely with very close scores. This shows that this year’s tournament is extremely unpredictable when there are many seeded teams. In another development, Hope Star and EZ Gaming showed a rather disappointed face when they constantly dropped their own points. With Hope Star, their performance is extremely unstable, leading to them only having 1 win and 3 draws. Once a force in the previous season, but now EZ Gaming is deeply in crisis when they still do not have any points with their 8 losing streak.

Let’s take a look at the main developments in the match from September 17 to 20:

Pro League fixtures for September 24 and 25


The Pro League season 2 2018 is taking place extremely fiercely and will continue to return tonight at 6pm. Matches are commented live on the official youtube channel of CrossFire Legends TV, E-sports enthusiasts don’t miss it!

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