Status of online esports titles in 2018

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It can be said that 2018 is the year of the battle royale game genre, but what about other online games? According to statistics, with the current dense number of online games, many new but early “departure” titles like Lawbreakers show that the interesting gameplay mechanics alone will still not be enough to attract players. In addition, a few games have also been closed to the surprise of many gamers. For a more comprehensive look, let’s take a look at the status of today’s online games.

Status: Stability

Still stable as usual, with 100 million players per month, it seems that League of Legends has continued to maintain its “hotness” over the years. With regular updates along with the release of new champions, it will probably take a long time for Riot’s game to cool down.

Status: Stability

While not possessing an impressive number of players like League of Legends, Dota 2 still gives Valve a huge source of revenue. With recent patches that have made the game more balanced, and in addition a Dota 2 based card game called Artifact is also coming soon. It can be said that Artifact is one of the cards that Valve wants to use to call new players to its game, especially gamers from Hearthstone to switch.

Status: Stability

With simple gameplay, the Overwatch arcade is one of those games that anyone can easily jump into. Despite the disastrous “World Cup Overwatch” event last year, as well as Blizzard has yet to release its official numbers, its game seems to be still “living well” in terms of both audience and revenue. .

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Status: Going down

It seems that Hi-Rez Studios made the right decision when it discovered its small player base had begun to dwindle: to find another direction. However, with its new game feeling a bit “cheap” compared to its other titles, Hi-Rez Studios decided to launch Paladins Strike in the Australian Google Play market as a “soft launch” release. “. This is a mobile game that shares the same IP, so maybe they can earn another revenue stream if this new game finds its audience. With the player count neither decreasing nor increasing, it really took a miracle for Paladins to surpass Overwatch.

Status: Undefined

There are still no official figures for this title, it is possible that the game’s figures are still not up to Blizzard’s expectations. Overwatch remains one of the company’s top concerns, and unless the company decides to go all out on Heroes of the Storm, it’s unlikely that the game will appear on the current Top 5 MOBA games list. . Professional tournaments are still held regularly, but the scale is still quite small, it seems that Blizzard has not yet made a clear decision with its game.

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Status: Stability

Possessing a huge loyal fan base, with professional tournaments taking place continuously, it is difficult to usurp the “king” of the shooter genre from CS: GO. We still don’t know what Valve can do with its game except for two things: move the game to Source 2, or better yet, officially jump to China. Thus, the number of players of the game will certainly increase much faster.

Status: Going up

Although it is no longer as “hot” as last year, the figures show that the number of PUBG players is still increasing, especially CS: GO players. However, the game also owns a lot of minus points, especially the problem of bugs. Quite disappointing that BlueHole continues to carry out promotional campaigns for PUBG, typically an Xbox One exclusive title, while still not really “complete” its brainchild.

Status: Going up

With the battle royale genre exploding in 2017, thanks in part to PUBG. Epic made a pretty wise decision to launch another battle royale version of its own. Not only competitive, Fortnite has officially surpassed PUBG in 2018 with a huge player base with more than 40 million players per month and 3 million concurrent players.

Status: Stability

The attraction of mobile games has not shown any signs of cooling down, especially in the Asian market. After the Razer Phone was revealed, along with the company showing the gameplay of Arena of Valor running on its device, this MOBA game had a strong growth. With reports showing that the game currently has 200 million registered users and more than 80 million daily active players. Although it was launched not long ago, as well as having a “big man” Tencent behind Arena of Valor, it will certainly still go further in the future.

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