Dota 2: Heroes that desperately need buffs to return

Sniper Dota 2

Balancing the game is one of the extremely difficult challenges of the Dota 2 development team. Dota 2 always has heroes that are so strong that they get banned all the time and the game also has heroes that are not appreciated by anyone. By now, everyone is probably familiar with strong heroes after seeing them used in every professional and pub tournament. Here are four heroes that no one noticed and needed a buff to get strong again.


Sniper has not been strong for a long time, even though he was tested by Nigma for position 4 support. But with Aghanim’s Scepter stun heavily nerfed and almost all of the mobile carries in the meta, we don’t have a good reason to pick Sniper now. Sniper has been on a downward trend since July and his pick rate is even worse: his win rate is now below 47%.

The main problem of this carry is that he is easily targeted by the enemy because of his low mobility, normal stats and no conditions to help explode. At higher ranks, Sniper’s win rate goes down.

Dota 2 Nhung hero rat can duoc buff de tro lai - Emergenceingame


Grimstroke is no longer as favored as it was when he first debuted. Although the hero supports the current meta heroes well, Grimstroke has been constantly nerfed over the past several patches. Hero doesn’t create much value alone and is easily countered by Black King Bar. Grimstroke currently has a win rate of about 46% at all ranks, and this number is even lower at high ranks.

Grimstroke is probably stronger if played with a cooperative team but the hero is generally weak because of average stats and skill sets. Grimtroke’s biggest problem is that the hero relies too much on teammates for combos. Grimstroke can push the creep wave fine but beyond that it’s all up to his team.

Dota 2 Nhung hero rat can duoc buff de tro lai 1 - Emergenceingame


Kotl’s win rate has been dropping steadily since April. After a period of extreme strength, Keeper of the Light was nerfed in almost every respect. Most of the early game kotl’s power has been disabled and is now more of a dumbbell in the team.

With more mobile core heroes, the Keeper’s movement speed damages the hero even more. Kotl is still holding and pushing lane quite successfully, but aside from his easily countered ultimate, this hero brings nothing in teamfights.

Dota 2 Nhung hero rat can duoc buff de tro lai 2 - Emergenceingame


Outworld Devourer is a carry hero shaped to go mid. As one of the most tweaked heroes in the game, the current OD version isn’t very effective. There was a time when OD was a formidable hero in the game, but over the past year, his win rate in pubs has not reached 50%. In every rank, the OD win rate is below average and when we compare it to other mid heroes, the OD is completely lackluster.

With his ultimate being nerfed, farming hard, and not having much of an early game impact, OD missed out on his best time to control the game. Heroes are rarely picked, even by the best OD players, and the hero’s win rate is not high. In the current meta, the Outworld Devourer is either being out farmed by stronger carries, or being underpowered by the strong mid heroes early in the game. OD needs better farming tools or perhaps new roles and new ways to play.

Dota 2 Nhung hero rat can duoc buff de tro lai 3 - Emergenceingame

There are many other names that could also be on this list and depending on the rank you are playing, some heroes are always considered as ‘weights’ on the team every time they are picked. However, the four heroes in the post are probably the heaviest burden of any rank in the current patch.

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