When Dota 2 Turns Into a First Person Shooter

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What if Dota 2 was a first-person shooter? Content creator W200ME has an answer for game fans.

Vidoe quickly caught the attention of the Dota 2 community thanks to his unique perspective, which shows Sniper pushing lanes and dealing with enemy creeps and heroes. Hero Sniper has its own page of skins that have not been released in the game. In between gunfights are nice third-person shots that show Sniper roaming around the map.

“As you can see, I transform our favorite MOBA game into an FPS.. I made this video to participate in the FPS video editing contest but I think the organizers don’t take my work seriously. I’m a bit sad but still happy with the results,” W200ME posted on social media.

He said the video took 9 days to complete. W200ME, editor of the popular YouTube channel Dota Cinema, said that some of the fight scenes were actually taken from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive replays. He didn’t say what specific clip he took from, but we can see similarities between the video and the shooter, especially since Sniper’s gun shoots like an automatic rifle.

Many people see the video and mistakenly think this is a new Dota 2 mod. While Dota 2 has many innovative arcade games, including a mod that turns the game into Counter-Strike, we still don’t have a unique first-person version.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a first-person MOBA experience, the number of games is very limited. While games like Smite bring a breakthrough to the MOBA genre, favoring more action mechanics, the closest shooting MOBA style game is probably Battleborn.

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