Dota 2: Evil Geniuses enters the top 6 after defeating Team Secret at TI8

dota 2 evil geniuses vao top 6 sau khi danh bai team secret ti8 - Emergenceingame

Evil Geniuses advanced to the winner’s bracket semi-finals after defeating Team Secret 2-0. Currently, there is still no series extending to the third map.

Game 1 Draft:

EG vs Secret - Emergenceingame

Evil Geniuses (Radiant)
Arteezy: Ursa
Sumail: Alchemist
S4: Weaver
Crit: Vengeful Spirit
Fly: Phoenix

Team Secret (Dire)
Ace: Phantom Lancer
MidOne: Morphling
Fata: Mirana
Yapzor: Earth Spirit
Puppey: Winter Wyvern

Evil Geniuses – Silencer, Wraith King, Blood Seeker, Nyx Assassin, Clinkz, Meepo
Team Secret – Io, Enchantress, Crystal Maiden, Tiny, Dark Willow, Necrophos

With Ursa being favored in the current laning meta, you definitely don’t want to let this hero roam around. Especially when Arteezy controls Ursa, the opponent needs to be even more careful. However, in this match, RTZ stormed his lane and killed Fata many times. Another thing Secret failed to do was not being able to stop Alchemist’s farm. This hero didn’t win the lane against Morphling, but he still farmed well. Evil Genisues won in safe lane and offlane. At one point, Arteezy and MidOne both achieved Godlikes. The difference is that EG farm is better. Ace does not have much influence in the game, similar to Fata.

Gold starts to increase for EG. Despite Secret’s efforts, they were unable to push targets, including tier 3 turrets. Eventually, Scepter began to gain Alchemist for heroes and Secret couldn’t defend. EG won game 1 in the 43rd minute.

Game 2 Draft:

Evil Geniuses (Dire)
Arteezy: Drow Ranger
Sumail: Gyrocopter
S4: Weaver
Crit: Vengeful Spirit
Fly: Undying

Team Secret (Radiant)
Ace: Necrophos
MidOne: Tinker
Fata: Mirana
Yapzor: Rubick
Puppey: Ogre Magi

Evil Geniuses – Silencer, Wraith King, Blood Seeker, Nyx Assassin, Dark Willow, Broodmother
Team Secret – Io, Enchantress, Tiny, Ursa, Elder Titan, Storm Spirit

Game 2 was closer than game 1. Networth was constantly struggling back and forth, until 45 minutes. SumaiL created a creative Blink Dagger for Gyrocopter. He just needs to turn on BKB, use Rocket Barrage and Flak Cannon and then Blink straight into the center of the enemy to deal damage. Drow’s Aura really helped them do this. Crit’s Swap ability is very well utilized.

The decisive situation happened near 50 minutes, Secret had their first barrack and with only a few seconds before SumaiL returned, they decided to try to eat another set of barracks. This is the moment everything falls apart. EG killed 3 cores of Secret and then, these 3 cores were forced to buyback. EG captures Roshan with all buybacks intact. EG won the Mega Creep in just one push, and like that, the match was over in 58 minutes.

Secret dropped to the losing bracket to face ViCi Gaming. EG continues to advance to the inner ring to face OG – the battle between the old team players.

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