Spider Man’s enemy – Venom revealed with a haunting smile in his own movie

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Venom First appearance in comics Secret War 8th issue was published in 1984. It originates from a type of parasitic living organism called Symbiotes from a galaxy far away in the universe, living by “parasitic” on the host and sucking the hormones from the object. After a period of time, if the host gradually weakens and loses its vitality, they will immediately separate to find another host to survive.


However, Venom wants to form a stable, symbiotic bond with the host, instead of completely possessing and “abusing” the host. It happens to be liberated and clings to Spider-Man to come to Earth after the event Secret War.
Through these photos, we have the opportunity to see the creepy smile that author Todd McFarlane designed for the character when Venom first appeared in the final page of the series. Amazing Spider-Man #299 from 30 years ago.


Talk about characters Venom, the film’s star Tom Hardy admitted that the character’s image was a key factor in getting him to agree to star in the film. He said: “Looking at the Marvel characters, I have to say that for me, Venom looks the best. It sounds a bit shallow, but I appreciate his swagger and smugness.” The “wobble” of Venom also made a strong impression when he always displayed his famous smug smile in a series of promotional photos for the film introduced above.

Of course, in the history of comic books there are many famous villains with their smiles, such as the crazy clown – Joker. From his first appearance in 1940, Joker killed people with a poison, causing their mouths to turn into a gruesome grin. That also affects the description of Venom in a private movie. The “crime clown prince” has become a symbol that reminds people of Joker and Tom Haddy also want to create for Venom such a mark.

Movie Venom will officially hit theaters on October 5 this year, starring: Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock/Venom), Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Scott Haze and Reed Scott.


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