Game studio founder and lover suspended for harassing female employees

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Recently Scavengers Studio – the developer of the title PS5 games good improvement Seasonhas officially announced the suspension of his studio’s creative director and co-founder Simon Darveau. This decision was made after Darveau was involved in a scandal of harassment and insulting female employees of the same company.​


On January 25, published an interview with 9 employees and former employees of Scavengers about the sexual harassment and derogatory insults they suffered while working at the company. this game. The person responsible for these acts is none other than Simon Darveau.

It is known that in 2019 at a company party, Darveau used to be drunk as an excuse to grovel many female employees present there. Unable to bear this, right next Monday, an employee resigned, just a few days later, another girl also decided to quit. Not stopping there, Simon Darveau also scolded and commented too much on the appearance of an employee, even refusing to talk to that person for weeks at a time.


Simon Darveau and Amélie Lamarche

Scavengers Studio has decided to suspend Simon Darveau indefinitely in order to investigate his responsibility in this matter. The airline’s current CEO Amélie Lamarche also temporarily suspended his position. It is known that Amélie was previously Darveau’s lover and the main human resources officer of Scavengers.​

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