The “father” of PUBG declares war on fake games

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The hottest game this year – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become a name that is extremely loved by gamers, making many other game developers want to join this “chicken-eating” battlefield. More and more games have appeared with similar gameplay, even completely copying the gameplay of PUBG. “Father” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Mr. Brendan Greene shared in an interview that he is not too worried about more and more clone games. PUBG. But he hopes the game’s copyright protection can be further strengthened.

“Father” of PUBG – Brendan Greene.

Brendan Greene said he hopes that as the founders work on developing survival shooters, more unique ideas can be added to the template platform, making the game more attractive and new. cool, not simply copying Brendan’s game. If it is simply copying, copying, this type of game will not have any development, players will also gradually feel more boring than the original.


Although he hopes that the survival shooter genre can be expanded and attracted more and more, Brendan Greene still insists on focusing on protecting his game copyright.

“In the movie or music market, everyone has universal knowledge about intellectual property protection, so you can rest assured to focus on your creativity. But in the online gaming industry. It’s not like that, this is also a headache for the whole gaming industry.It can be said that online games at a high level are also a kind of art.So, I think people’s creative ideas. in this industry also need to be protected.” – Brendan Greene confided.​


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