Identity V – The official horror game on Android, download the game right here

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In the first few months of the past year, in addition to the Battle Royale storm that swept through the mobile game village, there was also a rookie who made an equally famous name in the Mobile field. Yes we are talking Identity DRAW – Title horror game combines the online element of NetEase. Bringing an extremely unique gameplay format when letting 4 gamers blend into 4 weak people and 1 person playing the role of a murderer, Identity V brings hours of extreme tension and suspense. And now, after being released on iOS for a few days, Identity V has officially landed on Android… ready for readers to download the game for free right now.

Exactly. All you need to do is visit the download link at the end of the article and start enjoying one of the best horror games on Mobile to date.


As mentioned, the gameplay of Identity DRAW follow the 1v4 formula of the Dead by Daylight nice Friday the 13th: The Game on PC. There, a single player will play the role of a murderer with a variety of different powers while the other 4 transform into weak characters with nothing more than a goal of surviving here. 4 gamers will have to work together to decipher the gate that is imprisoning them with the other thing. Of course, these 4 people must operate in complete secrecy, avoiding encounters with the killer at all costs.


With unique gameplay, Identity DRAW will definitely become an obsession for countless gamers when it has been officially released on both Android and iOS. Readers can free both versions of Identity V below:


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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