Spellbreak – PUBG Harry Potter version officially released on Steam

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Spellbreakgame title battle royale has a magical element, where players unleash spell combos at each other while hovering in the sky, finally in the sky. Steam. The Steam launch event coincides with the start of Chapter 1 of Spellbreak.

Spellbreak Chapter 1: Spellstorm will last 12 weeks and bring new story content. Players will have to investigate the ‘Magic Storm rifts’ that have appeared on the battlefield and turn them to their advantage in magical battles.

Spellbreak’s heroes are responsible for stopping the phenomenon of Magic Storm, and to do that, players need to complete a new storyline. The player’s mission is to help the Order of the Vowbreakers and find new sources of cosmic power. In Chapter 1, Bogmore Castle and the surrounding area have been completely overhauled with new graphics and spots waiting for players to explore. In addition, many new fashion items will also be added to the skin collection in Spellbreak.

Spellbreak is a cross-platform game, so players can log into the same Spellbreak account on PC via Epic Games StoreSteam, or on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.


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