League of Legends: Top 10 strongest teams at Worlds 2020 (P.1)

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10. Rouge


In LEC In the summer of 2020, Rouge played very well and they even finished in 3rd place, the best performance in the European arena since the organization was founded. Therefore, the fans completely have reason to believe in Rouge’s progress in the near future. The strength of this team is having very strong laners, along with a good jungler. As a team from Europe, when focusing a lot of time on the coordination between the lanes of the people go to the forest, and the support position is also ready to roam when needed. Therefore, the early game of Rouge has been really good this season, they have always been the team that has mastered the pacing of the game, controlling the map and the objectives.

Currently, according to the draw results, Rouge falls into an extremely difficult group with DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming. Rouge’s strength is the ability to control the map as well as teamfights, they will be extremely cautious against 2 teams with extremely strong fighting ability right from the beginning of the game.

9. LGD Gaming


After the end LPL Spring 2020 with a bad record, LGD Gaming entered the summer period with the effort in each match to accumulate every necessary point, thereby maintaining the position of chasing other opponents on the rankings. The final achievement has come when LGD returns to the ring playoffs of the LPL for the first time in 4 years with 6th place. They even created an earthquake when they defeated championship candidate Invitus Gaming, finished the tournament with 4th place overall, gaining the right to participate. qualifying Worlds 2020.

8. Gen.G


In the Korean regional qualifiers, Gen.G showed excellent performance against the great rival T1, defeating the opponent with the final score of 3-0. That makes Gen.G the 3rd seed of LCK in Worlds. This is no longer a new result for those who regularly follow the LCK, because Gen.G is considered a hidden intrinsic property when in a difficult position. Therefore, as usual, Gen.G showed incredible bravery and defeated a very strong opponent, T1. This will definitely be a name worth watching at this year’s Worlds.

7. Dragon


The 2020 LCK Summer runner-up will need a lot of things to improve at Worlds, because throughout this season they have relied too much on the brilliance of Chovy, one of the best players in the world. mid lane star Korea’s leading. Knowing that Chovy is one of the perfect mid laners Doran and Pyosik will have to play stably to help DRX achieve high results in a much tougher playing field. In addition, Deft’s explosiveness also played a decisive role in the success of this team.

If there’s a global rookie award, it deserves Keria, young players DRX’s age is one of the best support Korea so far despite Keria’s final performance dropping a bit as DRX still hit its Worlds target.

6. Fnatic


Despite the defeat against G2 Esports, Fnatic is still a force in Europe. In particular, the international achievements of this team are also very respectable as they have continuously advanced in recent years. In addition, Fnatic had an extremely unstable summer, but when they entered the playoffs, they showed bright spots when they defeated both Rouge and even G2 in the win bracket semifinals.

If Hylissang and Bwipo play more stable, and Nemesis is in top form, maybe we won’t have to see Rekkles’ tears anymore. Besides, the jungler Selfmade is also a very noticeable factor, the influence of this guy is currently extremely large. Fnatic’s strong comeback this summer is almost entirely dependent on the performance of the player born in the year 99. While captain Rekkles, despite his steady performance, is not the type of player that can cause mutations. , the remaining 3 positions of the team are too erratic, Selfmade has turned himself into a rare team-carrying jungler. League of Legends the west.​

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