Cyberpunk 2077 turns into a ghost town with a super weird Mod

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The Witcher 3 – WolvenKit mod tool has been upgraded to support the latest RPG masterpiece of CD Projekt Red in the context of a series of mods Cyberpunk 2077 are starting to appear on sites like Nexus Mods. In addition to the mods that change V’s appearance, users can try a mods special, variable Night City ghost town.

Drahsid’s mod ‘Disabled Crowd’ lives up to its name – the mod simply makes the crowds, the residents living in the Night City disappear. Disabled Crowd has the following description: “Is your CPU crowd-bound? Don’t worry, this mod will eliminate most of the crowds.” When installing Disable Crowd, the mod will make Night City an abandoned city, without a shadow of people.


Similar to the above, Muhnoodles’ “No Crowds and Vehicles” mod makes players lose their way into a world far different from CDPR’s imagination: a Night City without NPCs and vehicles.

The above two mods work by disabling the crowd and car features in the .ini settings file of Cyberpunk 2077. With one click all the inhabitants of Night City will “discolor”. Some NPCs can still appear but this is very rare. In addition, the player can see vehicles in the distance, but when approaching, the vehicles will disappear.


Readers can download mods “Disabled Crowd” and “No crowds and vehicles” here.​

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