Genshin Impact 1.2 is about to launch a huge expansion version

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The popularity of Genshin Impact keeps growing. This impressive game will update many new content in the near future. After the first major update in November, MiHoYo immediately planned another major expansion in December.

Updates “White Lime and Black Dragon” will bring the Travelers to Longxi Tuyet Son: a very high snowy mountain south of Mondstadt. The harsh weather in the new area will force players to try to stay warm during both exploration and Bring enough warm food and hot drinks and use the campfire to ward off the cold of the blizzard.

In addition, when coming to Long Tich Tuyet Son, players will be able to participate in a new event: “The Traveler will follow in the footsteps. AlbedoA genius alchemist on a trip to investigate a sword of mysterious power known as the Festering Desire. When participating in the event, players can claim, refine the Festering Desire and redeem various rewards from the event store, including the Crown of Insight.”

Update 1.2 will also add two new 5 star character into the cast of Genshin Impact: Albedo and Ganyu.


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