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Riot Games confirmed League of Legends Wild Rift Closed Beta is targeting more regions and players.

Currently, version closed beta only available to selected invitees in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. This beta will be paused in early October until “a few days later” when a larger launch takes place. Riot says that the purpose of this is to ensure that even the first people to the closed beta will have “equality.


Don’t worry about players who have spent a sum of money for Wild Rift, as all Wild Cores purchased by the player will be returned by Riot in a 20% increment. Wild Cores are premium game currency, just like RP in League.

Riot has confirmed that when they return in early October, they have plans to add “more players” from different regions into the closed beta. Please make sure you are pre-registered to receive an invitation from CH Play. For this closed beta, there will not be an exact list of supported regions, but players from all over the world can be selected to experience the game.

Even though it’s only a phone Android participating in the ongoing closed beta, Riot Games also conducts “limited testing” on iOSbut can they participate in the stage closed beta testing Latest or not, not sure yet.

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