Sky – Never mind, just play and clear your mind

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In life, joy is not endless, happiness is not forever.. Moments of carefree carefree thinking and not caring about life’s difficulties will one day leave us without warning. On that day, what we never cared about before will rush back and engulf us all, as suddenly as thunder, like a downpour..

So where will you cling when that storm comes? Friends, relatives? Songs? Bottles of wine?.. Or small hobbies to bury your head in? It may be just a book, a story book, a movie, or a simple game… but they will take away from our minds a couple of tiring days and bring back the strength for us to walk all the way. darkness ahead.

Sky – a name that’s not fancy, just simple and small, hopefully helping you, helping me, helping anyone out there get a pat on the shoulder, a few minutes of distraction from the thoughts that make them We always stumble. It is hard to say that Sky is a virtual entertainment product, which seems to be something indescribable.. shows us soft colors, listens to melodious tunes, but challenges and urges us to keep going. .


‘s gameplay Sky nothing much for oranges, just put the player on the journey of a simple brick on the road through the mountains and clouds, lasting forever into the endless distance. There, you only need to care about two actions, jumping far and near .. aligning how to avoid lifeless obstacles, sounding like strings suddenly breaking when a passionate melody speaks. Just like that, like that, going through that endless journey, you will collect numbers, symbolic bonus points.. It’s nothing compared to the moments when your mind is drifting.


The scene Sky and we see the taste of a cool picture of the eyes, with the layers of clouds as smooth as the ocean filled with dew, with the towers calmly standing still watching the journey of a small brick, or a covered gate. dress with magical blue for that brick, add you, add me. It all shows.. “Peace” seems to be the second name that Sky carries..

Sky is like a cold water pouring into a hot cup that is gradually evaporating itself into nothingness. Sky is like someone touching your ear and whispering to you: “Never mind, everything will be fine”.. Although you know that perhaps the word “fine” is still somewhere very.. very far out there, but At least I’ll still be able to meet him one day..


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