Clinging to hack “eat foul”, gamers posted the forum crying and begging for amnesty

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In addition to the hacking components, hacking is also an equally harsh act of condemnation. Even more “stoned” when being “hidden” hacked for profit. In Crossfire Legends is not an exception and NPH VNG has also warned about strict handling of all hacking and hacking acts to create a healthy and clean gaming environment.​


However, it seems that “haven’t seen the coffin yet”, although it has been warned many times, many players temporarily call it “young buffalo” with a natural desire to show, like to excel, and want to ” tinkering” to find “black” paths to success earlier than others. Or even more “cowardly” is that they don’t dare to hack, but only dare to hide behind their backs. It wasn’t until he was listed on the “black list” that he started to panic, repent and regret, but it was too late.

For example, recently, many Crossfire Legends gamer posted in the community crying and apologizing, asking for an amnesty from the game board and promising not to repeat the offense with the reason of “tradition”.​​

But all this repentance and regret seems to be meaningless when receiving most of the “bricks”, protests from the majority of other players, even the game board has confirmed that there will not be any amnesty. , by any means. The law has been set out, if you have the guts to break the law, you must have the guts to pay the penalty.

This is also considered as a life lesson for those who hack and stick to hack or for any player with “dark” intentions. All acts of cheating will have to pay the right price sooner or later, don’t lose some of the temporary virtual fame that loses the inherent beauty and fairness of the game. Hopefully with strict, heavy-handed sanctions from NPH VNG, Crossfire Legends will soon return to be a fair and clean playground for all players who are passionate about this game!

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