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The group strategy game genre, although not on a scale, does not own armies with a terrorist number, but still has enough calculation elements to make players crazy. There, every action, even your smallest, must be carefully chosen, because just one wrong move the entire squad will be crushed without a life. Therefore, this genre creates a completely unique quality in the player experience, bringing an indescribable attraction to those looking for a real challenge..


Door Kickers – Representative under hand Killhouse Games, is the typical name among them. Landing on PC in October last year, the game immediately won great success with countless high reviews from the gaming community. All that fame is thanks to a unique, creative, highly tactical gameplay mechanism that realistically simulates the tasks that special forces have to perform during terrorist and criminal attacks. ..

Door Kickers game trailer.

The first glance at Door Kickers will make many, many people turn away and never return. All because of the very simple 2D graphics, no 3D effects or modern imaging technology. But soon you will find hidden deep inside that rough mantle is a great gameplay formula that has never been seen on Mobile before.


Door Kickers, as mentioned, gives us command of the SWAT force, one of the most elite squads in the world, specialized in suppressing crime and terrorism within the US border. At the beginning of each level, gamers will hold the individuals belonging to this force, leading them through difficult tasks and destroying enemies hidden behind every door, every room, and every dark corner.


The gameplay mechanics of Door Kickers is split into two main sections: “Plan” and “Implement”. In the first stage, when time is stopped, gamers can freely arrange team members to move to the desired location, choose to kick the door, throw grenades, or cover each other. As soon as each person’s task is decided, the next thing is to press the “Play” button and watch everything happen in real time.

At this stage, gamers will see direct results from the attack plan they have outlined, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of their calculation. With a game screen that is always alternately arranged rooms, with countless dangerous corners and unpredictable enemy positions, Door Kickers will become a puzzle to challenge the tactical brain before every player.


To retain gamers longer, Door Kickers also integrates role-playing elements with a Level-based development system. Reaching a high level by winning “stars” after completing each mission, gamers will have the opportunity to provide the team with more advanced equipment, ranging from pistols, rifles, grenades, armor and more. Other real-life auxiliary tools… Besides, the game also owns a skill system that allows players to invest in development, helping members to react faster, shoot more accurately, damage higher and lots of survival advantages..


Door Kickers can be considered a gem hidden in the mud, a PC super product that has now landed on Mobile and gives the community the opportunity to have the best experience in hand. Available on both platforms Android and iOS, Door Kickers gives you direct command of the elite SWAT squad by downloading the game for free directly here: http://Emergenceingame.Com/bang-xep-hang/door-kickers.806/

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