Final Fantasy XV suddenly has an Online mode – For gamers to play games together


  1. The expansion that allows Final Fantasy XV players to network and explore the game‘s world with friends is truly an unforgettable experience.

    For some people, the expanded version of Final Fantasy XV is an exciting game mode that allows them to explore the fanciful world of Eos with their friends. For others, it’s a place where they indulge in the pleasure of collecting new clothes for their characters. And you?” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

    This Comrades expansion of Final Fantasy XV takes place in the same timeline as the game’s main plot. More precisely, it took place about 6 months after Noctis and his “brothers” parted in Gralea. At this point, the light has completely disappeared, the world is in darkness, and the demons are wreaking havoc everywhere.


    As a member of the Kingsglaive, you wake up to find that you have lost almost all of your memories. Even so, the vocation of a warrior still leads you to combine with other Kinsglaive members (be it other players or AI-controlled characters) to participate in one mission: collect meteorite shards. to restore strength and break the eternal darkness that enveloped the world.


    The player begins the quest from his home in Lestallum, which is overrun by panicked refugees, fleeing from the slowly approaching darkness. In the midst of that panic, some, like Cid, continued their business of upgrading weapons and selling clothes to warriors who should have been paying less attention. to my appearance (but no, how can I save the world if I’m not pretty!!!).


    Once the appearance is dandy, the chain of missions with other characters will also officially begin. These quests usually just repeat a few basic types such as killing monsters, escorting or defending. After completing, the player will receive shards of heaven (to increase strength) and Gil (to buy weapons, clothes, medicine …). Once enough meteors are available, new quests will be unlocked.


    The plus point of this quest system is that they are relatively simple and easy to complete, especially as you get stronger and stronger. The minus point, of course, is that the monotony of the genre will make you feel bored quickly. However, that monotony will be greatly reduced, when you can do them with friends.


    The expansion’s battle system is an edited version of the main story’s battle system. Instead of attaching spells to buttons, each player will possess an attack spell (based on the weapon you equip), a defense spell, and a healing spell. “Warp strike” – An attack that allows the user to teleport to the opponent’s side, which can be linked together between players. In general, the battle system of this expansion is considered quite interesting and especially beautiful, especially when your whole team “warp strike”, dance in the middle of the battlefield and defeat each opponent.


    All in all, Comrades is an expansion that is highly appreciated by the Final Fantasy XV fan community, although there are still some minor backlogs. Anyway, being accompanied by close friends in the vast and mysterious Eos will always be an unforgettable experience for any fan of the game.


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