Shipper delivers food to the net shop, “hands-on” to help customers shoot PUBG

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Before, there was a guy in China shipper After one night, it became famous online for helping customers beat LOL. Now, another shipper while delivering food to the Net shop took the opportunity to help customers type PUBG while the guest rested to eat. This interesting incident once again caused a stir in the online community.


PUBG Now, it has become a super hot game that everyone in the family loves to play. But not everyone has time to sit and “fight” in the Net shop all day. In recent days, on the websites of your country, you are constantly sharing pictures of a fast food delivery person sitting and beating PUBG very enthusiastic, still wearing the uniform of the delivery staff. Turns out he really likes to play PUBG, but the delivery job had to go back and forth all day and even late into the night, leaving no time for personal pleasures. Fortunately, when I wanted to take a break to eat and drink, the customer who called to ship this guy’s stuff asked the shipper to help me play the game. It can be said that it is a double job, guests can eat without missing the game. And the shipper just finished the job and played the game to “reduce cravings”. But the shipper who played LOL before, who caused waves, was even so excited that he couldn’t take off his helmet in time to rush into the chair to play the game.


For this story, many netizens have continuously shared and left many funny comments. Someone even said: “Now the delivery guys are also really multi-talented, wholeheartedly serving, not only delivering goods but also helping customers play games. Before, there were shippers to play. LOLnow comes again PUBG also play.”


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