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Previous generations of gamers must not have forgotten the name “Angel EmpireEmpire of Angels“, line role-playing game Taiwan’s cult once launched the PC. Bringing a new role-playing style with a star-studded cast of cute children, Empire of Angels soon gained sympathy with the majority of the gaming community.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Mobile Game Village is also no stranger to this name when it has launched with many successful versions. Now with that momentum rookie Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantom has officially ignited the Mobile fire, ready for gamers to go along with the small but brave female warriors.


The Angel Empire is just as the name suggests, bringing gamers to a corporation full of female warriors with a battle against the Cryptid forces to protect dear Asgard. There, players will control these warriors to participate in combat in real time, applying the same command mechanism as the RTS game. By pressing and releasing directly on the terrain or the enemy’s body, you will command the Angels to attack and perform a technique to suppress hordes of enemies.


Although the character will perform the combat completely automatically, the ability to deploy the spell is still in the hands of the player. There by the virtual buttons on the left corner of the screen, you will activate super skills ready to blow away the enemy squad. The phases of creating whirlwinds tossing enemies or summoning meteor showers to fall directly on the screen, will surely make you short of breath before the most insane effects.


Of course the most interesting of Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantom is character creation. With an all-female warrior cast, the game has cute models but no less personality. Each of our Angels accordingly has a very unique appearance, owning a unique style, not being molded according to a pattern. Combined with extremely eye-catching 3D colors and effects, Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantom has painted a cartoonish picture in front of the player’s eyes.


Indeed, this has been a game-filled week for Mobile gamers, but even when jostling between the lines of rivals, Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantom still proves itself with unique values. Many readers can download it for free Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantom directly here:

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