Torchlight III – The sequel to the “Diablo” killer officially closes the release date

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Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games announced that Torchlight 3 will officially release on October 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and available on Nintendo Switch later this year. In addition, players will receive exclusive Glittersprite pets with different colors for each platform.

Here is a list of some feature Highlights of the game:​

  • Adventure element: Players can explore the vast world on their own, or team up with friends to collect loot materials, use magic maps to enter mysterious copies, or show off loot in the game. city. Take action in Torchlight 3.​

  • Build and upgrade Forts: Players can build, upgrade and edit their own fortress. The game allows them to build monuments, pet cages, and many other structures.​

  • Option relic: Relics are objects that contain powers that allow the player to use skills (both normal and passive skills). Players can choose one of five relics at the start of their journey and use skill points to unlock or upgrade the relic. This is also a factor that determines the gameplay of each character.​

  • Collect equipment: Choose a weapon that suits your playstyle and character development. Players can use the special abilities of Legendary items to create a more unique and powerful character build.
  • Diverse pet system: Pets in Torchlight 3 come in a multitude of colors and designs, so adventurers should research carefully before using pets. Increase skill points and use appropriate equipment to make pets stronger. Pets also have their own inventory, and players have the option to have pets sell items directly in the city.​

  • Create unique gameplay: With four character classes, 20 combinations of classes and relics – each offering a unique playstyle – and a wide selection of skill boost locations, players can completely customize their gameplay. maximize damage and survivability for your favorite character.​

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