Not only are they good at teaching, these teachers are also famous for being real gamers

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If in the past, when the game still carried a lot of prejudice, the people who played the game were often labeled as “young buffalo” or the components that did not work, now the game has almost become a spiritual food. universal” for people, families, all ages, genders, industries.. And even teachers, who seem to be the most difficult, strict, and serious people, but they make it impossible Few of my students are surprised when they are real gamers. Let’s take a look at the teachers below who have appeared in previous Emergenceingame.Com articles as true gamers.

Pham Thanh Tung – Chemistry teacher – 9x gamer with unforgettable memories about Thien Long Bat Bo for a while

Derived from an article shared by its owner on a group for fans of the game Thien Long Bat Bo 3D Mobile, Emergenceingame.Com had the opportunity to know this guy. Those are the stories about the 2-year period of sticking with the game and the memories that are hard to erase in the 2-year memory of “eating together, sleeping together, drunk with the game. Sharing with Emergenceingame.Com, Thanh Tung said Thien Long Bat Bo was originally a PC game associated with his childhood from his school days in 8th grade, 9th grade, then the mobile version. It is this place that has brought brothers and friends, which can be considered as a soulmate, and is also the place where Tung relieves stress after tiring days of studying and working. Although he wanted to give up many times because time did not allow, it was the attachment to his friends in the game that motivated him to stick with this game more.


The handsome teacher causing a fever in the online community is Dota-er – 3k Vietnoy

Just a few days ago, the image of “one’s family teacher” with a handsome appearance was shared by netizens quite widely on Facebook. Just through 2 photos taken secretly during the lesson, it is enough to make many female students “flutter”.


More surprisingly, on the Dota2 group, a male gamer also shared this picture and added that he was also a 3k Vietnoy co-slut. This is also his teacher.


Kindergarten teacher once “eat Tru Tien, sleep Tru Tien, cry with Tru Tien”

Tru Tien’s gamers must remember the small, pretty girl – Mai Anh (25 years old) who is currently a preschool teacher. Sticking with Tru Tien PC since the early days of Open Beta, the impressions of Tru Tien once in her are extremely strong. “I still remember the day that Tru Tien PC version was closed to the official server, I was quite sad and angry, with all the “young buffalo”, I wrote a whole topic condemning NPH for “killing” the game, the end was ID locked. Thinking back, those days were too childish. After that, because I still saved it, I played through a lot of pirated servers to be less “addicted”, because even if I wanted to play the Chinese server, I wouldn’t understand. There are many people who follow the game to the end like me, sometimes even more. So the game Tru Tien made a big impression on me, even after I played through many other games, their graphics were better, the pvp and pk systems were better. To tell about Tru Tien’s imprint on that day, it probably took 3 days and 3 nights to finish, because it left me with too many memories.” Mai Anh shared.


Through so many stories about teachers and aunts above, it is enough to prove that the game is an entertainment that anyone can use it to relieve the pressure and stress in life. as well as work. Surely it is not a few but many of our teachers share this hobby. Core 11/20 Today, Emergenceingame.Com would also like to send best wishes to our teachers and aunts with good health, always young and enthusiastic about the profession.

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