Shazam movie director smashes rumors that the DCEU empire is about to “end up”

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Previously, there was news that the super product Justice League may bring Warner Bros. huge losses of up to 1 hundred million USD. Currently, the film’s box office revenue is very low, causing the reputation to go down a lot, this is an indisputable fact. Therefore, many news sites have speculated about the bad results of Justice League Will it affect his other movie plans in the future? DCEU or not. Even, there are many people who think that the future projects of DCEU All will be suspended because of this. Recently, however, the film director Shazam came out to respond to these rumors, and said that he is currently still in the process of producing the movie normally.


It all started with an anonymous account on Reddit spread rumors Warner Bros. is about to cease production of all of his future films DCEU. After this news spread, the fan community DC quite bewildered. Fortunately, then the film director ShazamDavid F. Sandberg – who often participates in Forum This person shared that up to now, I have not heard of the discontinuation of film production. The director also humorously added, if this is true, he can rest and sleep well.


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