Gamers accidentally discovered 3 hidden weapons in PUBG

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More and more on the last days of the community year PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds even more exciting when version 1.0 is about to launch. In this version is a lot of content and improvements with the promise of completely transforming the gameplay value that we have ever known about. PUBG. One of the most interesting aspects is the weapon system when gamers will be able to put their hands on two completely new guns. DP-28 and AUG A3.

However, it seems that Bluehole does not intend to stop there when PUBG gamers recently accidentally discovered hidden images in the game’s data store. Accordingly, Reddit member Bizzfarts has just published an image of a set of 3 guns that he found in PUBG recently. These three guns are Winchester 1894, Rhino and Saw-Break Shotgun.


As a typical weapon of cowboys, Winchester 1894 operates according to the Bolt Action mechanism, ie loading and firing by bullets. Currently, this gun is classified as a hunting gun, so it is unclear where it will hold in PUBG’s weaponry.


The next image published by bizzfarts is a Rhino revolver originating from Italy. If you have ever played Battlefield 4, you will be no stranger to this extremely high-damage gun. This weapon promises to become an effective assistant at first when gamers parachute onto the map.


The final weapon in the trio is the sawed-out version of the double-barreled Shotgun that PUBG fans used to be very familiar with. However, the interesting point is that this weapon appears in the “Pistol” folder, which allows gamers to equip next to 2 main weapons. If this is true, gamers will now be able to engage in close combat much more effectively than before.


Most especially, bizzfarts also found icons and sound files of flare guns. Is this a clue to the Night Map that PUBG fans have been coveting all this time? If true, then Flare Gun will certainly play a very important tactical role in these maps. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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