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In the meantime, developer Pearl Abyss is still in the process of preparing to launch Black Desert Mobile In the Korean domestic market, the international version is promised to be released within the next few months. This is also the first time Pearl Abyss has personally made a game with a large server range, a challenge for the unit itself. In preparation for its move into the international market, Pearl Abyss acquired an entire network company, Nettention, in July last year.


How are the servers set up?

Server in Black Desert Mobile will be divided by area (zone) and only gamers in the same area can meet each other. This is different from the PC version. The names for the servers have not been decided yet.

What is a “family name” and how does it work?

“Family name” is the nickname that gamers create when logging into the server. Each Family name is unique on all servers and is also the name displayed by the player himself before other gamers. Each Family name is limited to between 2 and 10 characters. However, the developers also plan to have a renaming event conducted before the official release of the version.

Black Desert Mobile game trailer

What skills does the newly created character have?

Character classes include Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch and Valkyrie. Basically, the class skills are still the same as the PC version, but the operation may be different due to the change of gaming platform. A skill called Black Spirit is expected to be specifically added to the mobile version.

Classes in Black Desert Mobile

To what extent is the character customizable?

Black Desert Mobile promises to bring the highest level of detail ever for the genre mobile games. Not only facial details but even hair style and hair length, body shape can be adjusted. There will be differences between the PC version and the mobile version, but in general, gamers can still create a character like how on PC. It should be noted that the PC character data (Customization Data file) is not compatible and cannot be applied to the mobile version.

Clip custom character in Black Desert Mobile.

How is the weight system (for carrying) in the game?

There will be a system similar to the PC version but the limits applied will be different. Even when the gill exceeds the weight, the character can still participate in the battle.

Is it possible to sell all items?

Gamers can go to the market to sell everything in exchange for silver, except for some special items. Transactions can only be done through the market, not directly between characters and characters.

How to upgrade equipment?

Black Desert Mobile establish an equipment upgrade system that gamers can choose to upgrade themselves. It can be reckless to look for a chance to find rare items, or calmly increase the steps with certainty. The game tries to minimize the feeling of stress during the upgrade process so that gamers can upgrade as much as possible.


How to create a guild (guild)?

The guild creation conditions are quite easy but there will still be certain barriers to prevent the creation and destruction of guilds too quickly. Guild activities will be continuously updated after the game is officially released, then the system will continuously check to adjust and improve.
The number of people who can join the guild at the first level is expected to be around 30 people. A territory for guild members to gather and combat activities for the guild will be updated as soon as the game is officially released.

What are the minimum specs for gaming?

Devices with similar configuration like Galaxy S5 and above can play Black Desert Mobile. Currently the game is not complete, so there is no exact configuration for all platforms.

Can I connect to a Google/Apple account?

The game officially supports login through facebook and google accounts. Gamers can also play with a guest account (temporary play account). If using the official login methods, gamers can easily play the same character on different devices.


Are there plans to link the PC and mobile versions?

Although the two versions have the same system and engine, there are differences between the two game environments. These are two independent games despite having the same origin. The developer will focus on optimizing the game content depending on the characteristics of each machine environment.

If I have never played the PC version, will I have difficulty playing the mobile version?

No problem. If gamers have ever played the PC version, they will have the advantage of knowing the terminology and being able to compare the differences between the two versions. However, there will be no problem if gamers start playing from the mobile version.​

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