Roll your eyes at the standard Devil May Cry game developed by… 1 person

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The game world is always a place to witness surprises, especially in human ability. Not to mention the great skills of gamers, even game developers show their extraordinary energy. Lost Soul Aside – the new game that was revealed not long ago.. is a prime example of that.


Few people know, Lost Soul Aside is a plot-focused game with a bold combat style Devil May Cry developed in China… Yes exactly, you didn’t get it wrong. In the midst of a unique market of blood-sucking MMO games, suddenly a quality game appeared as if it came from a certain Japanese studio. Above all, the game was not built by a powerful development team.. but instead it was created by only one person.


Within 2 years, a developer named Duong Bang She single-handedly made Lost Soul Aside with a combat system inspired by Final Fantasy XV. However, when gamers witnessed the first Demo scene 1 year ago, they thought of a famous Devil May Cry masterpiece. The crazy killing phase, the moves full of stupidity and the flexible moves that bring crazy power … are the money-making elements of Lost Soul Aside in front of gamers.


It is also from here that Duong Bang has received attention from major game studios including Sony and Epic Games. However, the boss of the Playstation is the winner of this talent race when Duong Bang has announced that Sony will support him in the development of Lost Soul Aside. Immediately after this game announced a completely new Gameplay scene with a combat style that is even more crazy than before.. Indeed, when you see it, you can’t believe this is a game developed by a single person. .

Lost Soul Aside slated to release on Playstation 4 in the not too distant future. Emergenceingame.Com will update information about this game as soon as possible.​

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