Pick up your mouth with the trailer for making Avengers Infinity War “prehistoric” version

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The first trailer of the blockbuster Avengers Infintiy War has become one of the most viewed videos on Youtube, paving the way for a crazy storm to sweep through the entertainment industry. But that’s not the only impact that the Rangers Super hero of the Marvel It brings.. Instead, it pulls a series of custom trailers with all kinds of genres from Lego, models.. to Anime.

The table is genuine.

However, the following trailer deserves to be classified as a super-horror peak of the solar system’s masterpiece.. Simply because it brings all the “prehistoric” versions of Marvel heroes into the same movie with the “bonus” of adding superman Kamen Rider god role-playing “Ant-Man”.


For those of you who don’t know, the original trailer of Avengers Infinity War This is a compilation from the movie Captain America 1979, film Spider-Man in 1977, Dr. Strange 1978 and The Incredible Hulk Returns 1988. However, not every scene is taken from a Marvel movie..

Instead, Exo-man – a 1977 film set around a paralyzed professor using special armor to fight criminals, was replaced by Exo-man. Iron Man. Meanwhile, Thanos is borrowed from the character Ming The Merciless, which has appeared in many movies based on comic books.

Pay attention to the edge of the seat before watching.


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