From teachers and students in VLTKm, the couple is officially 2000km apart, so they are married in real life

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The stories of love, friendship, and soulmate that transcend geographical distances in online games are no longer a strange thing, when people find common ground, the harmony in their souls and personalities, the Falling in love with each other is also understandable. That’s why many young men and women have been married from here, even if they are thousands of kilometers away, North and South, or the West, but with sincere love and sharing, learning. still trying to overcome together and write up beautiful love stories with a happy ending.

The couple in the story that Emergenceingame.Com shared in this article is such a couple – Kyo Nguyen and Vu Quang Huy. Coincidentally from s58 to s187, she accepted him as her master and then fell in love with each other. However, the geographical distance between them is too far, nearly 2,000 kilometers north and south, and it seems that this will be the biggest barrier separating the couple. But no, it was their sincere love that helped them cross thousands of kilometers to come together with a big decision for a long-term relationship. And now, after exactly 1 year of attachment, the two have officially become husband and wife, sharing the same house.


Stories like these are not uncommon in VLTK Mobile or any current online game. There are even couples who have never met in real life. They know each other from the virtual world, share the same joys and interests, and fall in love with each other. But not because of the distance that their love becomes less sweet and romantic. They still give each other care, words of love, and walk hand in hand to a happy ending.


A large number of members of the VLTK Mobile player community sent their best wishes for the couple’s happiness as well as secretly admired what they went through together to come to this end.


Hopefully in the future, Emergenceingame.Com will receive more good news from VLTK Mobile couples as well as the gaming community in general!

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