Riding a rocket, Fortnite gamers won Top 1 with divine sniper

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If you are a fan of Fortnite You must have known the trick of riding a rocket, which allows the player to quickly move to a distant location. This trick can only be used when 2 members of the Team work together, one uses the Rocket gun and the other chooses the location to jump on. Rocket gun users will have to aim so that the projectile passes right next to their teammates’ feet, thereby allowing them to “ride rockets” and move quickly to their desired location. This trick is often used to surprise the opponent or take a favorable position before the enemy.


If you want gamers to be able to fire enemies while riding on rockets, but this is extremely difficult due to the high movement speed, especially with sniper rifles. Not only that, using it when the circle is narrow and needs one more life, the Top 1 is indeed very risky because you will stand in a completely “exposed” position in front of the enemy’s gun barrel.


But that’s not what BullNizzle scared as he jumped on the rocket his teammates had just launched. It only takes one more life to win the Top 1 but BullNizzle still can’t finish the enemy due to being in a difficult position. So by riding a rocket, he will have the opportunity to face the target directly and play his hand of chance. Holding the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle – the weapon with the highest damage in Fortnite but with a slow rate of fire due to the need to reload each bullet, BullNizzle noticed that the rocket his teammates fired was about to fly over his position. Seizing the moment couldn’t be more perfect, BullNizzle jumped on the rocket that darted past… before turning on the scope and swinging his mind like lightning, blowing away the enemy’s head.

You can watch BullNizzle’s full performance here:

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