Filming women on the street, the famous streamer flies the channel within 1 note

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If you regularly follow gender news streamer international, surely more or less readers have heard the name Montanablack88 – extremely famous German male streamer. He owns a Youtube channel with more than 2.6 million subscribers and channels Twitch has more than 22,000 followers. However, after broadcasting a video of him stalking many women on the street and making rude comments about them, the male streamer’s Twitch channel was immediately banned. Known for the image of an energetic male streamer who overcomes difficulties, this is indeed an undeserved mistake in Montanablack88’s career.


Montanablack88 real name is Marcel Eris had a not very peaceful childhood. Not only stealing, drinking, he was also involved in drugs. After being kicked out of the house by his grandparents, he lived as a homeless child. After taking a long time to detox from drug addiction, the male streamer started to rebuild his career and became as successful as he is today. In 2019, he published the book “From Junkie to YouTube” (roughly translated: The road from an addict to a Youtuber) documenting his arduous journey to success. The story really inspires many people, especially those who have lost their way and want to rebuild their lives.

After the incident, Twitch locked Montanablack88’s channel for 33 days. Although this is not a permanent ban, it is definitely not what the male streamer and his fans want. Currently, anyone trying to access the Montanablack88 channel is getting the message: “Sorry. Unless you have a time machine, the content you search for is not available.” His YouTube channel also hasn’t posted any new videos since 5 months ago, nor has any videos to explain the ban. His Instagram also did not move.


A ban that only lasts for 33 days is considered quite gentle compared to what the male streamer caused, in return, others who do may have to receive a permanent ban. Many people criticized that even on the air, he was still watching and making rude comments, he didn’t know what he was doing behind the camera.

With this ban, at least until October 27, male streamers can return to streaming on Twitch. Montanablack88 currently remains silent about everything, perhaps in the hope that things will gradually calm down.​

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