New armor and hammer of Iron Man & Thor in Avengers Infinity War

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In the face of the threat from Thanosmembers of Avengers must also equip themselves with a series of new weapons to be able to cope with the Mad Titan. When Spider-Man dressed in a state-of-the-art suit created by Tony Stark himself and Captain America having in hand the new shield with Wakanda technology… we still haven’t seen any signal from Iron Man as Thor.

However, everything was soon revealed when Avengers Infinity War just officially revealed the image of Thor and Iron Man through a completely new set of models. In fact, cases like this are quite familiar as model makers often reveal character designs before the movie officially reaches fans. And this time in the case of Avengers Infinity War is the new armor and hammer for both Iron Man and Thor.


The first is with Iron Man, we can see firsthand the completely new armor created by this genius to confront Thanos. The feature that separates this armor from all previous versions is the wings on the back and the weapon set directly in the hand. It’s possible that this version of Infinity War was inspired by Model Prime – the famous armor that Iron Man used in the comic book series. Model Prime is considered Tony Stark’s highest achievement when it has the ability to combine and use all the strengths of previous armor generations. That’s why Model Prime can activate a wide range of weapons and auxiliary equipment in any real battle condition. When inactive it can shrink to the size of a bracelet.


Next is Thor, the god of Thunder just lost Mjonir in Thor: Ragnarok. Although Odin reveals that without the hammer Thor can still possess all of his inherent power… he is still unlikely to be able to confront the Mad Titan directly without a weapon in hand. In previous Avengers Infinity War trailers, we’ve seen Thor trying to forge a new weapon with the Space Forge complex. This complex seems to be located outside the orbit of the planet Nidavellir – which is inhabited by the dwarves. Few people know that it was by their great talent in the metal arts that Asgard’s warriors were born.


Now through this set of models, fans can confirm the identity of the warrior that Thor will bring in Avengers Infinity War. If you’re a comic book fan, you can easily recognize the strong resemblance between Thor’s hammer in the movie and Ultimate Thor from Earth-1610. In fact, calling it a hammer simply lacks accuracy because this is a weapon that combines hammer and ax… first appeared in the world. Marvel as an EDI-built weapon for Ultimate Thor. Later, when the hammer was destroyed, Ultimate Thor was given a new hammer by Odin with the same appearance and strength.. In this universe, all the weapons that Thor carries in his hand are named Mjonir. The feature of this version of Mjonir is the ability to instantly teleport a large number of objects and people to a completely different location.


Hopefully with this information, fans can imagine the power that Iron Man and Thor hold in their hands to confront Thanos’s super powerful Gauntlet.

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